TARASEVICH Lev Aleksandrovich

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TARASEVICH Lev Aleksandrovich (1868 — 1927) — the domestic epidemiologist, the microbiologist and the public figure.

TARASEVICH Lev Aleksandrovich

In 1891 ended natural f-t Novorossiysk un-that (Odessa), studied in VMA, completed medical education in Paris (1897). After short-term stay (1899) in Kiev un-those at department of the general pathology at V. V. Podvysotsky went to Paris, worked in I. I. Mechnikov's laboratory where prepared dokt. thesis. In 1902 was returned to Odessa, consisted the prosector, and is later the privatdozent of department of the general pathology un-that. Here he actively was engaged in public work (lecturing and reports, a performance at meetings medical about-in and congresses).

Nek-rye from his performances (e.g., the speech at the X Pirogovsky congress in 1907 about starvation) were big events in public life. In 1907 — 1911 L. A. Tarasevich became privatdozent Moscow un-that, in 1908 — 1924 gave a course of bacteriology in the 2nd Moscow un-those (till 1918 the High female courses). During World War I (1914 — 1918) was an initiator of vaccination against a typhoid and cholera in the Russian army. After Great October socialist revolution worked in Narkomzdrava.

L. A. Tarasevich possesses more than 70 scientific works on various questions of the general pathology, microbiology, epidemiology, immunology, inoculative business, including. «A course of the general pathology» (1917) and a number of heads in the first Russian three-volume collective leadership «Medical microbiology» (1912 — 1915), left under its edition. It promoted implementation in our country of vaccination against tuberculosis.

At the initiative of L. A. Tarasevich in August, 1918 the USSR's first station on control of bacteritic drugs was created (nowadays Research in-t of standardization and control of medical biological supplies of L. A. Tarasevich). Since 1918 he headed Academic medical council Narkomzdrava; in-that was a founder and the director State scientific national health care (GINZ) of Pasteur. L. A. Tarasevich was the organizer and the permanent chairman of a number of congresses of bacteriologists, epidemiologists and a dignity. doctors.

Works: Contagiosite syphilitique tardive, contagiosite tertiaire, P., 1897; To the doctrine about hemolysins, Odessa, 1902; About starvation, Kiev, 1907; General pathology, Kiev, 1908, SPb. — Kiev, 1910; Medical microbiology, t. 1 — 3, SPb. — Kiev, 1912 — 1915 (edition and bus of a number of articles); About safety typhoid and cholera inoculations, Kiev, 1915; Course of the general pathology, Pg. — Kiev, 1917; Les £pidemies en Russie depuis 1914, Soc. Nations, Sect. hyg., renseign. 6pid., N 2, Geneve, 1922.

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