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TANDLER Julius (Tandler Julius, 1869 — 1936) — the Austrian anatomist and the figure of health care, professor (1902).


Ended in 1895. Vienna un-t. Being a student, worked as the demonstrator at department of anatomy at E. Tsukkerkandl; since 1895 the assistant, since 1902 extraordinary professor, and from 1910 to 1934 the department chair of anatomy Vienna un-that. At the same time (1919 — 1920) junior state secretary of the Ministry of Health of Austria, and from 1920 to 1933 the adviser of the Vienna municipality for social security.

Scientific works of Yu. Tandler belong to comparative, systematic and topographical anatomy and embryology. He studied arteries of the head of mammals, development and a structure of heart, bodies of urinogenital system, biol. bases of secondary sexual characteristics, problem of the constitution of the person. Together with clinical physicians wrote monographs: «Topography of a female ureter», «Anatomy and etiology of loss of generative organs at women», «Anatomy and clinic of a prostatauxe», «Surgical anatomy and technology of operations on the central nervous system»; published also the textbook of anatomy for dentists. In 1918 — 1929 there was its four-volume illustrated textbook of systematic anthropotomy. In 1913 Yu. Tandler founded the Zeitschrift fur an-gewandte Anatomie und Konstitu-tionslehre magazine. In the field of health care and social hygiene on its initiative events for protection of motherhood and the childhood, for fight against tuberculosis and alcoholism were held, a number of charitable institutions and institutes is created.

In 1934 Yu. Tandler emigrated from Austria, the last years lived in Moscow. Its remains were transported to Vienna and with honors are buried. Name Yu. Tandlera is called one of squares of Vienna.

Works: Zur vergleichenden Anatomie der Kopfarterien bei den Mammalia, Wien, 1898; Topographie des weiblichen Ureters, Wien, 1901 (sovm. with Halban J.); Anatomie des Herzens, Jena, 1913; Die biologischen Grundlagen der sekundaren Geschlechtscharaktere, B., 1913 (sovm. with Grosz S.); Entwicklungsgeschichte und Anatomie der weiblichen Genitalien, Wiesbaden, 1913; Lehrbuch des systematis-chen Anatomie, Bd 1 — 4, Lpz., 1918 — 1929; Chirurgische Anatomie und Operationstech-nik des Zentralnervensystems, B., 1920 (sovm. with Ranzi E.); Anatomie fiir Zahnarz-te, Wien — B., 1928 (sovm. with Sicher H.).

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