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TALMAS — DRUMMOND OPERATION (S. Talma, Dutch doctor and pathologist, 1847 — 1918; D. Drummond, the English surgeon, 1852 — 1932) — the operative measure consisting in a podshivaniye of a big epiploon to a liver (omentogepatopeksiya). Is one of options of an omentopexy (along with an omentorenopexy, an omentocardiopexy, etc.).

Offered Omentogepatopeksiya the Talma in 1887. For the first time it was executed in 1889 at the patient with cirrhosis with ascites (see). Irrespective of the Talma the idea of similar operation was put forward by Drummond in 1895 and carried out in clinic by R. Morison in 1896. According to H. N. Burdenko (1909), at emergence of unions between a big epiploon and a liver the vascular network develops owing to what the liver receives an additional arterial blood, and outflow of a venous blood from it improves.

Operation of the Talma — Drummond is shown at cirrhosis (see). There are no contraindications to its performance. As independent intervention it is applied seldom, usually being addition to other operational methods of treatment of cirrhosis (a splenectomy, a desimpatization of own hepatic artery, etc.).

The technique of operation consists in drawing by a special metal brush of a slight injury of a serous cover of a liver before emergence of drops of blood. Then a part of a big epiploon is fixed to a liver and its ligaments several noose sutures.

Studying of results of an omentopexy in general and omentogepatopeksiya in particular demonstrates rather small influence of this intervention on portal blood circulation therefore in a wedge, the practician T. — Was not widely adopted of the lake.

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M. D. Patsiora.