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TAJIK MEDICAL INSTITUTE (The Tajik medical institute of Abu Ali Ibn-Sina) — the center of preparation of medical and scientific and pedagogical medical shots in Tajikistan. It was open in 1939 as a part of 6 departments, on to-rykh 17 teachers worked and 130 students studied. The first release (125 doctors) took place in 1943.

Now in structure in-that 5 faculties: medical (1939), pediatric (1959), improvements of doctors (1959), dental (1977) and pharmaceutical (1981); besides, preparing room (1970), clinical internship (1949), postgraduate study (1943), Central research laboratory, library (500 thousand units of storage), museums of history in-that, stories of health care of Tajikistan, anatomy, biology and Ibn-Sina's 1000 anniversary.

For years of existence in-volume more than 12,3 thousand doctors, including more than 2850 pediatricians are trained. In 1982 the first release of dentists took place. The clinical internship was ended by about 2 thousand people, in 1983 studied 200 people but to 23 specialties there. In a postgraduate study more than 300 candidates of science on 25 specialties are prepared; in 1983 52 graduate students studied. On base in-that more than 6 thousand practical doctors improved the skills. Since 1979 in in-those students from Afghanistan study (in 1983 206 people). In 1981 in Kabul the Contract on the commonwealth between again opened Kabul and Tajik medical in-ta is signed. In in-those study and about 7 thousand people, representatives of 42 nationalities and nationalities work.

Employees in-that defended 80 doctor's and 435 master's theses. Among 630 teachers there are 47 doctors, 267 candidates of science, one member correspondent of AMN, one academician and one member correspondent. Tajik AN, three winners of the State award of the Tajik SSR (1983), 12 zasl. scientists, 22 zasl. doctor and teacher of the Tajik SSR. All heads of departments have academic degrees. Ying-that the right to accept the edging to protection is granted. theses.

Main case of the Tajik medical institute.

The main scientific research is concentrated on development of tasks, the most urgent for health care of the republic. These are problems of comparative pathology and mechanisms of adaptation of the person in various klimato-geographical districts of Tajikistan, pathology of a respiratory organs and kidneys at children, diseases of mother and newborn, increase in efficiency of treatment and prevention of tuberculosis, occupational health, oncology, cardiovascular pathology, social problems of narcology, etc. In practice of health care 141 suggestions for improvement «the organizations of medical aid, diagnostic methods and treatment are implemented. 59 methodical recommendations approved by M3 of the USSR and M3 of the Tajik SSR are published. For years of existence in-that his employees prepared 92 monographs, 51 thematic collections, 129 volumes of materials of scientific conferences, 9 textbooks for students of medical in-t, more than 70 educational and methodical developments and more than 30 other works are published.

Departments in-that are equipped with the modern educational and scientific equipment, a lab. equipment, uchebnonaglyadny grants. New hostels are built, it is open and successfully the student's sanatorium dispensary (1972), student's policlinic (1973), a sports complex, etc. functions. In 1976 construction of a new complex of buildings in-that is begun, educational cases, the office building, lecture and assembly halls, library and reading rooms, hostels, dining rooms, etc. are provided in Krom. In 1983 three educational cases are opened up (for morphological departments).

For achievement of the highest results in a republican socialist competition in 1977 to collective in-that (to one of the first among higher education institutions of the republic) the passing Red banner of the Central Committee of KP of Tajikistan, Council of ministers of the Tajik SSR, Tadzhiksovprofa and the Central Committee of JIKCM of Tajikistan is awarded.

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Yu. B. Iskhaki.