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TABOPARALYSIS (taboparalysis; lat. tabes a destructive disease + Greek paralysis relaxation, paralysis) — a combination of two forms of late neurosyphilis — back tabes and a general paralysis. T. — one of atypical options general paralysis (see).

Patomorfol. basis of T. the inflammatory and dystrophic changes in back roots and back columns of a spinal cord caused by a pale treponema developing in the sequences characteristic for back tabes (see) and in a brain typical for a general paralysis are.

In wedge. to a picture are expressed nevrol. the frustration inherent back to tabes — lack of Achilles and knee jerks, ataxy (see), Argayll Robertson's syndrome (see. Argayll Robertson syndrome ), an atrophy of optic nerves (see), disorders of functions of sphincters, acute pains, visceral crises, trophic frustration, etc. Mental disturbances at T. generally same, as at a dementive form of a general paralysis; less often signs of an expansive and depressive form meet. Quite often at T. there are tactile hallucinations. The general paralysis appears usually through a nek-swarm time after emergence back tabes. Possibly and simultaneous beginning.

Current of T. softer, than current of a typical general paralysis (mental disintegration slower, alalias and memories less rough). Specific it is gray l. reactions and changes of cerebrospinal liquid (a pleocytosis, hyper albuminoses, decolouration of colloid solution of chloric gold at statement of reaction of Lange) are, as a rule, not so intensive, as at a typical general paralysis. Current of T. closer to stationary, i.e. symptoms of a disease a long time do not change; patol. process in a spinal cord also more high-quality.

Diagnosis establish on the basis a wedge, pictures and results of a research of cerebrospinal liquid (see). Differential diagnosis is carried out with alcoholic encephalopathies (see), to-rye sometimes are followed nevrol. symptoms inherent back to tabes.

Treatment is carried out by antibiotics.

Forecast serious.

See also Syphilis .

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