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ShTRAUB Walter (Straub Walther, 1874 — 1944) — the German pharmacologist.

Got a medical education in the Munich, Strasbourg and Tuebingen high fur boots. Still being a student, performed the first scientific work under the leadership of O. Shmideberg. After the termination in 1898. Munich un-that worked as the practical doctor. Since

1900 the assistant to department of pharmacology in Leipzig, since 1905 professor of department of pharmacology in Marburg, the Würzburg, and then in Frey-burge and Munich.

V. Shtraub published St. 190 scientific works. It performed basic researches on studying of operation of drugs of a foxglove on heart. In particular, in experiences on cats it registered changes of chamber pressure at reductions of heart against the background of action of a foxglove. It developed the technique of use in experiments of an isolated heart of a frog applied in many pharmacological and physiological laboratories of the world. He created the concept of potential effect of medicines, having shown that the pharmacological effect of many of them (atropine, muscarine, adrenaline) develops at change of concentration of substance in fabrics and in the environment, i.e. at receipt and release of substance. V. Shtraub established steroid structure of cardiac glycosides.

V. Shtraub was a founder of the German society of pharmacologists, cooperated in the famous pharmacological magazine: «Naunyn-Schmiedeberg’s Archiv fur experi-mentelle Pathologie und Pharma-cologie».

Works: Quantitative Untersuchung des Eind-ringens von Alkaloiden in lebende Zeilen, Pfliigers Arch. ges. Physiol., Bd 98, S. 233, 1903; Mechanismus der Muskarinwirkung am Herzen und der Antagonismus Atropin-Muskarin, Zbl. Physiol., Bd 19, S. 302, 1905; Gift und Organismus, Freiburg, 1908; Die Digitalisgruppe, Handb. exp. Pharmak., hrsg. v. A. Heffter, Bd 2, Hft 2, S. 1355, B., 1924; Die Filixgruppe, ibid., S. 1548; Rektalnarkose mit Aver-tin, Munch, med. Wschr., S. 593, 1279, 1928.

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V. V. Zakusov.