ShTRAUB Ferenc

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ShTRAUB Ferenc (Straub Ferenz Bruno, sort. in 1914) — the Hungarian biochemist * the full member of the Hungarian academy of Sciences, twice the winner of an award of L.

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the pupil A. Saint-Dyerdji.

In 1936 ended un-t in Szeged whether D. Kay on in Cambridge worked in laboratory. Directed a number of biochemical in-t of the Hungarian academy of Sciences. Was one of organizers and the director of the Biological research center of the Hungarian academy of Sciences in Szeged (1971 — 1978). Since 1979 director Ying-that enzymologies of the Hungarian academy of Sciences.

In the first years of scientific activity of F. Shtraub worked on studying of enzymes of muscular tissue.

In pure form the liioamiddegidrogenaza and a lactate dehydrogenase for the first time are allocated to them, properties of some other enzymes are studied. Wide popularity got its job connected with discovery of actin — one of two main proteins of the sokratitelny device. F. Shtraub investigated biosynthesis of protein, using as models of culture of bacteria and tissue of animals. F. Shtrauba's works executed recently together with the staff of Institute of enzymology are devoted to studying of structure and properties of enzymes of glycolysis, proteolytic enzymes, and also enzymes of exchange of cyclic nucleotides. He is the author of a number of manuals on biochemistry and chemistry.


F. Shtraub is the scientific secretary of section of biological sciences and the chairman of the commission on biochemistry of the Hungarian academy of Sciences.

Works: Flavo-protein of the heart muscle tissue, Nature (Lond.), v. 143, p. 76, 1939; Crystalline lactic dehydrogenase from heart muscle, Biochem. J., v. 34, p. 483, 1940; Reinigung der Apfelsauredehydrase und die Bedeutung der Zellstructur in der Apfelsau-redehydrierung, Hoppe-Seylers Z. physiol. Chem., Bd 275, S. 65, 1942; Amylasesyn-these im Homogenat, Acta physiol. Acad. Sci. hung., Bd 8, S. 279, 1955; Biochemie, Budapest, 1960, 1963.

V. V. Grechko.