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ShTAHYoLSKIY Hedgehogs (Sztachelsky Jerzy, 1911 — 1975) — the Polish doctor, the organizer of health care.

In 1939 finished medical f-t Vilnius un-that. Being a student, took part in revolutionary movement. In 1936 it was arrested for belonging to the illegal communistic organization. After establishment of the Soviet power in Lithuania was the first manager of city public health department of Vilnius (since 1940 before attack of fascist Germany on the USSR).

In days of the Great Patriotic War was in ranks of the Soviet Army, Troops Polish were an epidemiologist of one of military units, the commander of medical and sanitary battalion of the 1st division of T. Kosciusko. Since 1945 the minister of supply of the Party of Russian Taxpayers; since 1947 the deputy minister of health care and from 1950 to

1956 the Minister of Health of the Party of Russian Taxpayers. In 1956 — 1961 directed Council for affairs of church at the government of the Party of Russian Taxpayers. In 1961 — 1968 the Minister for Health and Social Welfare of the Party of Russian Taxpayers. In the last years of life actively cooperated in based by it Ob-ve of distribution of the Soviet culture.

E. Shtakhelsky is an author apprx. 100 scientific works devoted to questions of the organization of health care.

It is awarded by awards of the Polish People's Republic.


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