ShIGA of Kiyosi

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ShYGA of Kiyosi (Shiga Kiyoshi, 1871 — 1957) — the Japanese microbiologist, the doctor of medicine (1896), professor (1914), the academician. Academies of Sciences of Japan (1948).

In 1896 ended medical f-t Tokyo un-that and worked as the doctor in Research in-those infectious diseases in Tokyo.

In 1901 — 1904 it was improved in Ying-those experimental therapy in Frankfurt am Main under the leadership of P. Ehrlich. In 1904, having returned to Japan, continued to work in Research in-those infectious diseases. Since 1914 after merge of it in-that with Tokyo the un-volume was appointed by the head of department of bacteriology. From 1929 to 1931. K. Shiga was a president medical f-that Tokyo un-that. Since 1945. K. Shiga was the chief bacteriologist of the prefecture Miyyagi.

K. Shiga is the author of a number of widely known articles devoted to studying of causative agents of dysentery (see) at the person and monkeys. To them it was established that causative agents of dysentery are the microorganisms from family of enterobakteriya representing gram-negative, not sporiferous sticks, facultative anaerobes. These bacteria were called by his name — highway of an igella (see). K. Shiga together with P. Ehrlich is the author of fundamental work on chemotherapy of infectious diseases (1904).

K. Shiga was a member of a row Japanese and international scientific

about - century

of Works: t)ber den Dysenteriebacillus (Bacillus dysenteriae), Zbl. Bakt., I. Abt., Bd 24, S. 817, 870, 913, 1898; t)ber den Erreger der Dysenterie in Japan, ibid.,

Bd 23, S. 599, 1898.

Bibliography: Biographical dictionary of Japanese history, ed. by Seiichi Iwao, p. 466, Tokyo, 1978. V. I. Didenko.