ShEVASSYu Maurice

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ShEVASSYu Maurice (Chevassu Maurice, 1877 — 1957) is the French hi-rurg-urologist.

In 1899 ended medical f-t Parisian un-that, then worked as the prosector, and since 1909 the chief surgeon of one of hospitals of Paris. Since 1910 professor of the general surgery; at the same time conducted a course of surgical urology. In 1919 he headed urology department of hospital Koshen. In

1933 — 1938 professor of clinic of surgical pathology.

From 1938 to 1944 directed urological clinic medical f-that Parisian un-that.

M. Shevassyu's works are devoted to hl. obr. to questions of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of urinogenital bodies, including tuberculosis and syphilis of a small egg, surgery of kidneys and uric ways. He studied diagnostic opportunities of excretory urography at recognition of diseases of kidneys and upper uric ways. M. Shevassyu made a certain contribution to development of a problem of an onkourologiya. Its thesis is devoted to diagnosis and treatment of tumors of a small egg, classification of these tumors was offered them. In 1906 it for the first time executed operation of removal of retroperitoneal cellulose together with located in it limf, nodes at a malignant tumor of a small egg (see Shevassyu — Grégoire operation). The described M. Shevassyu together with Mok became widely known (H. E. Mock) in 1912 a symptom of the bleeding tumor of an ureter (a symptom of Shevassyu) — release of blood from the mouth and on the catheter entered into an ureter up to the level of an arrangement of a tumor and the termination of release of blood on a catheter after its end is advanced above a tumor.

M. Shevassyu's works were devoted also to questions of a heart surgery, intestines, wounds of joints, the lower vena cava.

M. Shevassyu was the president of National academy of medicine and the French academy of surgery, the president of French about-va urologists.

Works: Tumeurs du testicule, P., 1906; Syphilis du testicule, Clinique (Paris), t. 8, p. 564, 1913.

Bibliography: Pytel A. Ya., M. Shevassyu, Urology, No. 4, page 96, 1958.

V. S. Ryabinsky.