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SZYMANOWSKI Yuli Karlovic (1829 — 1868) is a domestic surgeon, N. I. Pirogov's associate.

In 1854 ended medical f-t of Derpt-sky (nowadays Tartu) un-that. In 1856 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «About Rhinoplasty» offered by N. I. Pirogov. From 1856 to 1857 was the assistant, the privatdozent of department of surgery Derptsko-go un-that. In 1858 — 1861 professor of department of surgery medical f-that Gel-singforsky (nowadays Helsinki) un-that and odnovrekhmenno the surgeon-consultant Helsingfors whom and Svea-borgsky (nowadays Mr. Suomenlinna) military hospitals. Since 1861 professor of department of operational surgery medical f-that Kiev un-that and the surgeon - the consultant of the Kiev military hospital.

Yu. K. Szymanowski made a big contribution to development of transplantology, plastic and recovery, and also field surgery. He modified the known osteoplastic operation of Pirogov and Gritti's operation at amputation of a hip (see Szymanowski's Gritti — operation), offered so-called plastinochny seams. For the first time in the world made classification of defects of skin for the subsequent plastic surgeries. Developed schemes of skin plastics, a method of closing of round defects by means of several rags taken on a circle (see. Skin plastics). Improved the plaster bandage offered by N. I. Pirogov, having developed a bespodkladochny plaster bandage at an open change (see. Plaster equipment). Invented apprx. 80 new surgical instruments, including a resection saw, bone nippers, plaster scissors, new chisels; for the surgical instruments invented by it at the World Fair in Paris (1867) it was awarded an honourable response. Propagandized the principles of savings treatment which are put forward by N. I. Pirogov. In «The guide to operational surgery» of one of the first in details described technology of use of an anesthesia. The first suggested to use weak solutions of potassium permanganate for washing of wounds. Capital work Yu. K. Szymanowski of «Operation on the surface of a human body» (1865) it was conferred in 1866 an award of I. F. Bush.

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