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SYSTEM of SANITARY AND HYGIENIC PROVIDING Armed Forces — a complex of the actions including medical control of the state of health of staff sanitary inspection (see) in parts and connections behind conditions of placement, food (see), water supply (see), conditions of military work, security of the military personnel clothes (see), footwear (see), individual means of protection (see), their bath-and-laundry service, observance of rules of personal and public hygiene by them for preservation and promotion of health of soldiers and officers, decrease among them in incidence and increase in their fighting capacity * belong measures of hygienic education of staff of troops, instilling in the military personnel of necessary sanitary skills Here. The village of the village - of the lake is an important component medical support (see) it is also closely connected with anti-epidemic providing Armed Forces (see. System of anti-epidemic providing ). For performance of the relevant activities responsibility is born command, medical, engineering, ware, food and other services.

See also: Water supply of troops , Treatment-and-prophylactic providing Armed Forces , Meditsina military , Sanitary and preventive actions .

Bibliography: Encyclopedic dictionary of military medicine, t. 4, Art. 1382, M., 1948.

N. F. Koshelev.