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SYRUPS (syrupus, sirupus, the singular) — the concentrated solutions of sugar in water and the overfermented berry juice, and also their mixes with tinctures, extracts and solutions of medicinal substances. Due to the high content of sugar (to 64%) S. represent ropish transparent liquids with a smell and taste of the substances which are their part. To destination S. can be divided on flavoring and medicinal.

Flavoring S. use only as aids for correction of tastes of drugs in the course of production of various dosage forms (see). Medicinal S. contain medicinal substances and are used how to lay down. means.

The basic from flavoring S. is the sugar, or simple S. (Sirupus sacchari, s. Sirupus simplex; GFH) supporting 64 h sugar and 36 h water and representing inodorous transparent colorless ropish liquid, sweet taste and neutral reaction. Has density 1,301 — 1,313 and index of refraction 1,451 — 1,454. Sugar S. is used for correction of taste of mixtures and also as a basis for preparation of berry and medicinal Pages.

From berry S. in pharmaceutical practice apply cherry and cherry crimson S. Sirop (Sirupus Cerasi) receive by mixing of 4 h cherry food extract of the superior quality from 96 h sugar S., and syrup crimson (Sirupus Rubi idaei) — by mixing of crimson food extract of the superior quality with sugar S. in the same ratios. These S. apply to correction of taste of mixtures. Berry S. are incompatible with alkaline mixtures (e.g., with nashatyrno-anisic drops, etc.) since the last neutralize organic to - you, the mixtures which are contained in berry S., owing to what develop dirty-green color and off-flavor.

From medicinal S. in domestic medical practice use the following.

Syrup of an aloe with iron (Sirupus Aloes cum ferro), containing 135 g of solution of chloride of protoxidic iron, 4 g lemon or tartaric to - you, till 1000 syrup from juice of an aloe treelike. It is applied as antianemic means.

Syrup marsh-mallow (Sirupus Althaeae), supporting 2 h dry extract of a marshmallow root and 98 h sugar syrup. It is applied as a part of various mixtures as expectorant (see).

The syrup from hips (Sirupus ex fructibus Rosae) received from water, exempted by fermentation from pectic substances, a concentrate of hips and the inverted sugar syrup (for stabilization ascorbic to - you). Contains: sugar not less than 50%, ascorbic to - you are not less than 0,004 g in 1 ml, and also flavonoids with R-vita-minnoy activity. It is applied as vitamin drug in pediatric practice.

Syrup from hips vitaminized, received from the syrup stated above, add to Krom ascorbic to - that to 0,03 g on 1 ml and citrin to 0,015 g on 1 ml. Appoint the adult as vitamin drug.

Syrup revenny (Sirupus Rhei) receive by dissolution of 1,25 h dry extract of a rhubarb in mix from 2 h 90% of alcohol and 3 h fennel water and the subsequent mixing and heating from 94 h sugar syrup. It is applied in pediatric practice as light laxative.

Syrup of a licorice root (Sirupus Glycyrrhizae) receive by mixing at weak heating of 4 h dense extract of a licorice root from 86 h sugar syrup and the subsequent addition 10 of h 90% of alcohol. It is applied as a part of mixtures as an expectorant.

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I. A. Muravyev.