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SYNTHETIC MEDIUMS — the Wednesdays consisting of substances with precisely established chemical structure free of complex high-molecular compounds of the organic nature (peptone, meat infusion, milk, blood and its derivatives, etc.). Distinguish S. of the item of page of limited and expanded mineral composition. Pages of the item of page of limited mineral composition contain a small set of inorganic salts to - t, and S. of the item of page of expanded mineral composition — the increased set inorganic to - t, sometimes to 10 and more names. In addition to inorganic salts to - t, can be S.'s part of the item of page salts of organic acids, amino acids, salts bilious to - t, growth stimulants of precisely established structure, napr, folic and nicotinic to - you.

Villages of the item of page use at allocation of those microorganisms, on to-rykh peptones and other substances of animal origin have an inhibiting effect. Pages of the item of page apply also for allocation of the microorganisms utilizing carbon or nitrogen-containing connections as the only energy sources, carbon and nitrogen. So, e.g., apply the environment of limited mineral composition to allocation of bacteria of the sort Klebsiella, in to-ruyu the source of carbon raffinose and a source of nitrogen urea is entered. For allocation citrate-put-telnykh bacteria — representatives of the Enterobacteriaceae family and differentiation them with Escherichia coli S. apply the item of page of limited mineral composition with lemon to - that or its salts as the only source of carbon and energy, having the selection properties, napr, Kozer's circles (see. Differentsialno - diagnostic environments ) and Simmons (see. Simmons Wednesday ). Pages of the item of page of more complex structure can be ryupolzovana at the kolrrchestvenny accounting of bacteria of group of colibacilli in water. Apply S. to cultivation of a mycobacterium of tuberculosis of the item of page — Model's circles (see. Modelya Wednesday ) and the Satan (see. Sotona Wednesday ). Villages of the item of page widely use for definition of enzymatic activity of microbes and their food requirements, and also at taxonomical researches for definition of utilization of those or rshy substances of the inorganic or organic nature.

See also Mediums .

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