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SYNOVIAL CYST OF SKIN (synonym circumarticular cyst of skin) — the benign cyst developing as a result of mucous dystrophy of connecting tissue of skin. Meets seldom, preferential at women 40 years are more senior.

At gistol. a research find the cystous cavity located in a derma or hypodermic cellulose, its walls are covered by fibrous fabric. The cyst is filled with mucous substance.

Page to. to. it is localized on skin back and side surfaces of fingers of a brush, a thicket on index and big fingers. As a rule, there are 1 — 2 cysts, rarely more. Represents translucent dense formation of a semicircular form with a smooth brilliant surface up to 1 cm. Occasionally on the surface of these educations there are warty growths or small erubescence at the edges. At a puncture of a cyst viscous, transparent straw-colored liquid follows from it. Page to. to. it can spontaneously be opened with formation of a brown crust, from under a cut during the pressing sticky liquid is emitted. After a puncture or spontaneous opening the cyst quickly enough is filled again with liquid.

S.'s treatment to. to. effectively only during removal it together with surrounding connecting fabric. The cryolysis, electrothermic coagulation, a curettage usually give temporary effect, through a nek-swarm time the cyst develops again.

See also Cyst .

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