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SYLVIUS Jakobus [Sylvius Jacobus (Jacques Du Bois), 1478 — 1555] — the French anatomist.


After the termination medical f-that Parisian un-that taught pharmaceutical science, theoretical and applied medicine, then anatomy in the same place. Since 1529 the doctor of medicine and professor. Lectures Ya. Sylvius on anatomy, being followed sometimes by openings, attracted audience huge for those times — to 500 listeners. It opened not only animals, but also corpses of people that allowed it to expand and specify anatomic knowledge. Ja. Sylvius gave names to a number of muscles, described venous valves, studied a structure of venas cava, a worm-shaped shoot, a peritoneum, a liver, etc., offered an injection of vessels the painted masses for their more exact studying. Following medieval tradition, he considered infallible all representations and K. Galen's statements and therefore rejected large opening of the pupil A. Vezaliya, the founder of new anatomy criticizing Galen. In 1551 Ja. Sylvius published a sharp lampoon against And. Vezaliya «Denial of slander of a certain madman on anatomy Hippocrates and Galen». Having paid a tribute to K. Galen's heritage, it at the same time made a large contribution to anatomy the careful description of many bodies.

Name Ya. Sylvius a number of anatomic educations is called (a silviyeva an artery, a silviyeva a vein, silviyev the channel, etc.).

Works: Liber de ordine et ordinis ratione in legendis Hippocratis et Galeni libris, P., 1539; Morborum internorum pene omnium curatio brevi methodo comprehensa ex Galeno praecipue, P., 1545; Isagoge in libros Hippocratis et Galeni anatomicos, P., 1555; Opera omnia, Genf, 1630.

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P.E. Zabludoveky.