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SYDNOPHENUM (Sydnophenum; joint venture. A) — psychogogic means. Z-(beta Fenilizoproiil) - a sidnonimina a hydrochloride; With 11 H 14 ClN 3 O:

Crystal powder, white with slightly yellowish shade, inodorous, bitter taste, easily water soluble and methyl alcohol; pier. weight (weight) 239,7; t°pl 184 °.

On a chemical structure it is close to to Sydnocarbum (see). Combines properties of stimulators of c. N of page with properties of antidepressants of group of MAO inhibitors. Unlike Sydnocarbum the psychogogic effect of S. is expressed more weakly, is shown in 3 — 6 days after an initiation of treatment and is followed by moderate timoleptichesky action.

The page reversibly inhibits MAO in this connection its use does not lead to incompatibility with the foodstuff containing biogenic amines. At long reception of S. does not cause the phenomena cumulation (see), accustomings and medicinal dependence (see).

Apply at the asthenic conditions of various origin which are followed by symptoms of an adynamia, slackness, depression, apathy at neurosises after the postponed neuroinfections and at diseases of closed glands (a hypothyroidism, an addisonizm, etc.), at a narcolepsy, and also at the depressions with block developing at a cyclotymia.

Appoint inside since a dose of 0,005 g on reception of 1 — 2 time a day (in the morning and in the afternoon). If necessary the dose is raised to 0,02 — 0,03 g a day. On reaching therapeutic effect (usually in 3 — 4 weeks after the beginning of use of drug) the dose is gradually reduced. The maintenance dose makes 0,005 g a day. At serious asthenic conditions the daily dose of S. can be increased to 0,06 — 0,08 g.

At nek-ry patients at S.'s reception increase in the ABP, a headache, dryness in a mouth, pain in heart can be observed.

The page cannot appoint along with antidepressants from group of MAO inhibitors, and also during 2 weeks after their cancellation. Drug strengthens effect of adrenaline and noradrenaline that should be considered at purpose of these pharmaceuticals to the persons accepting Page.

Form of release: tablets on 0,005 g. Storage: in the place protected from light.

See also Psychogogic means .

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