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SYDNOCARBUM (Sydnocarbum; synonym: Mesocarbum, Mesocarb; joint venture. A) — psychogogic means. N - Fenilkarbamoil - 3 - beta fenilizopropil) sidnonimin; With 18 H 18 N 4 O 2  :

Crystal powder, white with yellowish-greenish shade. It is almost water-insoluble, alcohol, ether, benzene; let's well dissolve in acetone, chloroform, fats. Pier. weight (weight) 322,25; t°pl 130 — 136 °.

It is similar to Phenaminum (see) and to other fenilalkilamina has psychogogic effect, however on pharmakol. to properties significantly differs from Phenaminum. So, psychogogic action of S. develops gradually without the sharp initial activating effect and is not followed by the expressed peripheral sympathomimetic effects (tachycardia, sharp increase in the ABP, etc.). Duration of action of S. is more, than Phenaminum. The phenomena of the general weakness and drowsiness in the period of an after-effect of S. are absent. Bystry development of tolerance to S. is not observed.

The central promoting effect of S. is connected with activation noradrenergichesky and to a lesser extent dofaminergichesky structures of a brain.

The page is well soaked up from went. - kish. a path, it is almost completely metabolized, hl. obr. in a liver (by a hydroxylation). It is allocated with urine and a stake. At prolonged use of S. the speed of its removal does not change.

Page. apply at the acute and chronic asthenic, neurotic and adynamic frustration caused by neurotic and neurosis-like states at the patients who transferred inf. diseases, intoxications, a craniocereberal injury, etc. Besides, S. appoint at slow schizophrenia (see) with dominance of asthenic and apatoabulichesky frustration (on condition of absence at such patients of productive symptomatology), and also at other diseases of c. N of the page proceeding with anergic, astheno-depressive and adynamic frustration. Drug is also shown at a narcolepsy of various genesis (see. Narcolepsy ), napr, at traumatic damages of a brain, encephalitis, etc. In therapy alcoholism (see) S. it is possible to use for stopping of the asthenoneurotic reactions arising during the period an otnyatiya of alcohol.

The village can recommend to healthy faces for temporary increase in mental and physical effeciency, at increased fatigue, drowsiness.

Page. appoint inside since 0,005 g on reception and gradually raising a dose to 0,01 — 0.025 g a day. The promoting effect of S. is shown in 30 min. after reception and lasts apprx. 6 — 8 hours of S. it is possible to appoint in one step or 2 times a day (in the morning and in the afternoon). Due to the antigip-notichesky effect it is not recommended to accept S. in the evening. Duration of a course of treatment is individual. At daily use duration of one course shall not exceed 3 — 4 weeks. To the children somatic weakened to patients and elderly people drug appoint in the reduced doses.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time 0,075 g, daily 0,15 g.

Side effect The page is shown by sleeplessness, a loss of appetite, sometimes moderate increase in the ABP. Strengthening of hypersthenic, neurotic and neurosis-like disturbances, and also an aggravation of productive symptomatology at patients with psychoses is possible.

Page. it is contraindicated at nervous and somatopathies, treatment to-rykh demands physical and mental rest.

For normalization of a night dream at S.'s reception it is possible to use the means having hypnotic properties (nitrazepam, etc.).

Form of release: tablets on 0,005, 0,01 and 0,025 g. Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Psychogogic means .

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V. A. Parshin.