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SYCOSIS (sycosis; Greek syk[on] a fruit of a fig + - osis; synonym: ordinary sycosis, not parasitic sycosis, simple sycosis, stafilogenny sycosis) — chronic pustulous damage of skin, is preferential in a beard and moustaches, caused by golden, is more rare white, staphylococcus.

S.'s emergence is promoted by dysfunctions of a nervous system, exchange of vitamins of group B, hypofunction of gonads, hron. diseases of internals, centers hron. infections in a nasopharynx, etc., and also the microtraumas of skin arising during the shaving, alkalization of skin (shift of pH of skin in the alkaline party), non-compliance a dignity. - a gigabyte. rules of care of skin.

Patogistologiya: in an epithelium of the mouth of a hair follicle the cavity executed by neutrophils is formed, under it microabscesses form. Perifollikulyarny inflammatory infiltrate consists of polynuclear leukocytes and plasmocytes, single colossal cells sometimes meet.

The page is observed more often at men. The disease proceeds as chronic recurrent superficial staphylococcal pyoderma (see), localized preferential in moustaches and a beard, is more rare — eyebrows and eyelashes, is even more rare — in the field of a pilar part of the head, and also a pubis and axillary hollows. Primary element of rash is flattened or conic painless pustule (see), penetrated in the center by a hair and surrounded with a narrow ostrovospalitelny nimbus. The pustule is opened, the crust is formed, after rejection the cut temporarily remains an inflammatory spot. On site the resolved pustules and around them new appear; process gains diffusion character and differs hron. a current with short-term remissions. Sometimes against the background of S. microbic develops eczema (see) — so-called sikoziform-ny eczema.

Atypical option C. is parasitic S. — manifestation infiltrative and suppurative trichophytosis (see).

Diagnosis establish a wedge, pictures on the basis. Differential diagnosis is carried out with other types of a pyoderma, a pustular syphilide (see. Syphilis ).

Treatment consists in prescription of antibiotics, staphylococcal antiphagin, anatoxin, an autohemotherapy, the pyrogenic substances, vitamins A, group B; carry out also correction of the revealed disturbances of nervous and endocrine systems; locally apply an electrophoresis with solutions of antibiotics, antibacterial ointments, aniline dyes, process leather around the centers of defeat spirit solutions.

Forecast favorable.

Prevention includes disinfection of shaving accessories, rubdown of skin after shaving of 3% spirit solution boric to - you, an alcoholature of a calendula and other desinfectants.

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