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SWAN — the klimato-kumysolechebny flat forest resort of a steppe zone in Altai Krai intended generally for treatment of TB patients. It is located at the height of 230 m above sea-level on sowing. - vost. I protect the lake. Bitter (the area of a water mirror - to-rogo 50 km 2 ) among a dry pinery. The area slightly hilly (like dunes), the soil sandy. Resort of L. began to function since 1918 as balneal (water of the lake was used. Bitter). Climate of the resort sharply continental. Summer warm (average monthly temperature of July 20 °) with dominance of solar, quite often hot and dry weather. An annual amount of precipitation of 350 mm with a maximum from April to October (250 mm). Winter cold (average monthly temperature of January — 17 °) with dominance of moderately and considerably frosty weather; steady snow cover within November — April.

SWAN. Case of sanatorium

Number of hours of sunshine in a year 1900 — 2000.

The main to lay down. factors of the resort of L. — climate and kumysolecheniye. Mineral water of the lake is applied to treatment of associated diseases of digestive organs. Bitter and plastic silt mud, black with a smell of hydrogen sulfide. Mineral water of the lake chloride gidrokarbonatno-sodium alkaline (pH apprx. 9,0), is used for bathtubs, and also after the corresponding processing for drinking treatment. The Melkopeschany beach, hollow the going-down coast and favorable climate during the summer period of year create good conditions for an aerogeliotherapy.

In the resort there is a sanatorium with necessary medical and diagnostic offices.

Indications: the early, fresh and not far come forms of pulmonary tuberculosis. Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

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