SVETLOV Pavel Grigoryevich

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SVETLOV Pavel Grigoryevich (1892 — 1974) — the Soviet embryologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1946), the winner of the State award USSR (1968).

SVETLOV Pavel Grigoryevich

In 1916 ended physical and mathematical f-t of the Petrograd unt. From 1918 to 1924 worked as the assistant to department of zoology of backboneless animals Perm un-that. In 1925 — 1935 was an employee of the Leningrad Laboratory of experimental zoology and morphology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1935 — 1940 professor Kazan un-that. In 1942 — 1950 and in 1956 — 1966 the manager. Laboratory of embryology of VIEM. In 1950 — 1956 worked in Leningrad Ying-those obstetrics and gynecology of AMN. From 1967 to 1974 the consultant Ying-that cytology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

P. G. Svetlov possesses more than 130 scientific works devoted to questions of embryology, anatomy, a systematics, ecology and genetics. Results of its embryological works performed on maloshchetinkovy worms are recognized as classical and entered many manuals. The greatest value for medicine has opening of the critical periods by P. G. Svetlov in ontogenesis which are characterized by hypersensitivity of an organism to action of external and internal irritants. At placental animals (including and the person) two critical periods are allocated to them: the first matches implantation process of an oospore, the second — a heating-up period of a placenta. The concept of critical periods was a theoretical basis for understanding of a pathogeny of embryopathies and for prevention patol. processes of the prenatal period. P. G. Svetlov experimentally studied influence of ionizing radiation on the course of pregnancy and development of a germ; influence of environmental factors on degree of manifestation of ancestral features is investigated. A number of works of P. G. Svetlov is devoted to general-theoretical and methodological problems of embryology; it upheld idea of integrity and the reasonable organization of live organisms.

The state award USSR is awarded for works on antenatal prevention of incidence of a fruit and perinatal mortality.

Works: Research over development of earthworms, Works by the Person of the evils. laborat. and Sevastopolsk. biol. Academy of Sciences of the USSR stations, it is gray. 2, No. 11-13, page 95, 1928; t)ber die Regeneration wahrend der Embryonalent-wicklung, Arch. Entwickl. - Mech. Org., Bd 131, S. 672, 1934; Harmful action of external factors as indicator of determination and differentiation of a tail rudiment of amphibians, Arkh. annate., gistol. and emb-riol., t. 16, century 2, page 205, 1937; About primary geteronomiya of body composition of vertebrata, in the same place, t. 34, century 2, page 3, 1957; Value of damage of embryos at early stages of development in a pathogeny of pre-natal diseases, in book: Patofiziol. vnutriutrobn. development, under the editorship of N. L. Garmasheva, page 114, L., 1959; Pathogenic action of ionizing radiation on an embryogenesis of rats, in book: Influence of ionizing radiation on the course of pregnancy, a condition of a fruit and the newborn, under the editorship of P. A. Beloshapko, etc., page 37, L., 1960; The theory of critical periods of development and its value for understanding of the principles of action of the environment on ontogenesis, in book: Vopr. cyto-l. and general fi-ziol., under the editorship of Yu. I. Polyansky, page 263, M. — L., 1960; Physiology (mechanics) of development, t. 1 — 2, L., 1978.

Bibliography: Zavarzin A. A. and d river Pavel Grigoryevich Svetlov (To the 80 anniversary since birth), Cytology, t. 14, No. 9, page 1194, 1972; Pavel Grigoryevich Svetlov and value of its scientific heritage for morphology and medicine, Arkh. annate., gistol. and embriol., t. 71, century 10, page 5, 1976.

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