SVERZHEVSKY Ludwig Iosifovich

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SVERZHEVSKY Ludwig Iosifovich (1867 — 1941) — the Soviet otorhinolaryngologist, zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1934).

SVERZHEVSKY Ludwig Iosifovich

In 1893 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1894 — 1898 worked as the assistant to therapeutic clinic Warsaw un-that. In 1900 protected dokt. thesis. In 1905 — 1911 the privatdozent Moscow un-that. Since 1911 the department chair of diseases of an ear, a throat and a nose of the Moscow High female courses. Since 1919 the department chair and the director of clinic of diseases of an ear, nose and throat of the 2nd Moscow un-that (afterwards the 2nd MMI). In 1936 headed the Moscow scientific research institute of an ear, throat and nose created on its initiative. L. I. Sverzhevsky developed and implemented in student teaching in the USSR the recognized program of teaching otorhinolaryngology for honey of in-t (1935).

L. I. Sverzhevsky is the author of 38 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to questions of topographical anatomy and pathology of slezoprovodyashchy ways and adnexal bosoms of a nose, use of a method of a diathermy for treatment of diseases of upper respiratory tracts and an ear. It possesses a priority in the description of clinic of a hard ulcer of almonds, an amyloidosis of a throat, a mastoiditis at typhus. L. I. Sverzhevsky is the founder of large Soviet school of otorhinolaryngologists, B. S. Preobrazhensky was his pupil.

At the initiative of L. I. Sverzhevsky it is reorganized Moscow and are created All-Union and All-Russian about-va otorhinolaryngologists, for 1941 he was their chairman. It was also one of organizers of the first four All-Union congresses of otorhinolaryngologists and the editor of the Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology magazine from the moment of its creation (1936).

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner. The name of L. I. Sverzhevsky is appropriated to clinic of diseases of an ear, nose and throat of the 2nd MMI.

Works: Influence of toxins and antitoxins on a gas and nitrogen metabolism at animals, Warsaw, 1900; Hard ulcer of pharyngeal almonds, Medical obozr., t. 66, No. 22, page 680, 1906; Relationship between a disease of a nose and eye, Ezhemesyachn. ushn., throats, and nose. Bol., t. 4, No. 8, page 417, 1909; Anatomo-topografichesky data from area of slezoprovodyashchy ways, Vestn. of-talmas., t. 27, No. 7-8, page 549, 1910; Use of a surgical diathermy at diseases of upper respiratory tracts and an ear, Shurn. ushn., nose. and throats, Bol., t. 8, No. 3-4, page 117, 1931.

Bibliography: In about l f to about in and the p M. And., Likhachev A. G. and Temkin Ya. S. Ludwig Iosifovich Sverzhevsky (1867 — 1941), Vestn. otorinolar., No. 4, page 85, 1974; Guo dosovsky M. M. Shkola of L. I. Sverzhevsky, Works of the 2nd Mosk. medical in-that, t. 98, century 5, page 48, 1978.

M. M. Golosovsky, V. T. Palchun.