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SUSPENZORY (Latin suspensus suspended). Suspenzory promotes reduction of a tension of a seed cord and improvement of outflow of blood from bodies of a scrotum, provides rest for the operated bodies, with its help it is possible to fix medical bandages also.

Fig. 1. Made of cloth suspenzoriya of factory production.

Pages make of dense matter in the form of a sack with an opening for a penis (fig. 1). The sack is attached to a belt in front and behind strips made of cloth.

S.'s carrying is shown at acute inflammatory diseases (an orchitis, an epididymite, a funiculitis), after operations on bodies of a scrotum, sometimes at big inguinoscrotal hernias, to-rye difficult to hold by means of a bandage.

Pages apply also at the sports, exercises and physical activity menacing with an injury of bodies of a scrotum.

Usually use standard S., to-rye are issued five sizes. Page shall adjoin densely to a body, but not squeeze bodies of a scrotum, for this S. select for the size and fit by means of buckles. Pages are easily erased and will be sterilized.

Fig. 2. Self-made suspenzoriya from a gauze.

In the absence of S. of factory production it can be made of a gauze. For this purpose take the rectangular piece of a gauze put in several layers about 20x25 cm in size. Attach gauze tapes to corners of a rag: to two upper corners — separately, lower it is possible to connect. Do a belt of a piece of bandage, to-ry hardly tighten. In front and behind tie tapes to a belt, in a gauze sack cut an opening for a penis (fig. 2).

A. L. Shabad.