SUSLOVA Nadezhda Prokofyevna

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SUSLOVA Nadezhda Prokofyevna (1843 — 1918) — the Russia's first female doctor and the doctor of medicine.

SUSLOVA Nadezhda Prokofyevna

Was born in a family of the serf who is beaten out in merchants and gave to children secondary education. Studied in a private board in St. Petersburg, had the diploma of the house teacher, taught in sunday schools. In 1861 together with M. A. Sechenova-Bokova, etc. came the auditor to the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy, executed under the direction of I. M. Sechenova experimental work «Change of skin feelings under the influence of electric excitement» (1862). It was close to circles of democratic raznochinny youth, in 1862 was a part of secret revolutionary society «Earth and Volya», on its apartment there were meetings, its press was stored about-va. In 1864 made in the Sovremennik magazine the stories devoted to emancipation of the woman («The story in letters», «Dreamer»).

Due to prohibition on study of women in the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy (1864) went abroad and un-that arrived on medical f-t Zurich. Ended it in 1867 and worked to Graz (Austria) where under the leadership of I. M. Sechenov executed the thesis «Addition to physiology of lymph hearts», to-ruyu protected in Zurich. Then improved the knowledge in the field of obstetrics and gynecology in Vienna. In 1869 returned to St. Petersburg, passed examinations for the right of medical practice in Russia and was engaged in private obstetric and gynecologic practice. In 1875 worked in hospital of the Sacred and Troitsk community of sisters of mercy in St. Petersburg.

N. P. Suslova kept in close connection with the Russian revolutionary emigration in Switzerland, was since 1865 under secret supervision of police, was a member of the I International. In the late seventies departed from revolutionary movement, was engaged literary and charity.

Works: Additions to physiology of lymph hearts, a yew., SPb., 1868.

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