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SURDOPEDAGOGIKA (Latin surdus of the deaf + Greek paidagogike art of education) — the section of pedagogics dealing with issues of education, education and training of children with a hearing disorder.

In S.'s formation works of the ital. philosopher G. Cardano, isp were of great importance. researcher J. P. Bonet, English mathematician Wallice (traditsa. Vallis, J. Wallis, 1616 — 1703), goal. doctor of Amman (J. Page of Amman), it is mute. speech pathologist S. Heinicke, Russian surdopedagog of G. A. Gurtsov. The first institutes and schools for deafs were created in Paris (1770), Leipzig (1778), Pavlovsk (1806). S.'s development in our country is connected with names H. M. Lagovsky, N. A. Rau, F. A. Rau, A. I. Dyach-kov, L. S. Vygotsky, S. A. Zykov, R. M. Boskis, F. F. Rau, I. M. Solovyova, T. A. Vlasova.

The main objectives of S. are: definition of ways of compensation of shortcomings of hearing, formation of the speech, development of verbal thinking, arms of children by necessary knowledge, preparation them to socially useful work. The page solves a problem of secondary education of deafs. In the USSR the differentiated training and education of children with various hearing disorder and speech development is carried out.

Efficiency of the solution of problems C. depends on achievements of medicine, linguistics, acoustics, radio electronics and psychology. The developed didactic system of subject and practical training of deaf and hearing-impaired children promotes development of their speech, thinking and strong-willed qualities. The important place in S. is taken by formation at children with defects of hearing of the oral, written, and also tactile speech. During the training apply various polytouch methods based on visual and tactile perception, technical means — the sound-amplifying equipment (see. Surdoterapevtichesky equipment ), devices of the visible speech, etc. Training is provided in special preschool institutions, schools for deaf and hearing-impaired, and also in the surdologopedichesky offices organized at large-tsakh and policlinics.

The leading centers C. in the USSR are the scientific research institute of defectology of NPA of the USSR, the Ukrainian scientific research institute of pedagogics (Kiev), scientific research institute of psychology (Kiev), departments of a surdopedagogika of the Moscow and Leningrad pedagogical in-comrades

Sm. also Defectology .

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