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SULSENUM (Sulsenum; synonym Selenium sulfide) — antiseptic agent. Disulfide of selenium; SeS 2 . Represents solid solution of selenium (apprx. 55%) and are gray (apprx. 45%).

Amorphous powder of yellow-orange color. Let's not dissolve in water, ether, to-takh, we will easily dissolve in 50% solution caustic heat.

Apply in the form of soap or paste for treatment of seborrhea of a pilar part of the head. After usual washing of the head (at dry seborrhea it is recommended to use sperm, lanolin or baby soap, at fat — 72% laundry soap) sulsenovy soap is rubbed in skin of a pilar part of the head and in 5 — 10 min. carefully washed away warm water. Treatment carry out 1 time to week within 1 — 1,5 month. Instead of sulsenovy soap it is possible to apply sulsenovy paste. It is necessary to avoid S.'s hit in eyes.

Form of release: the soap containing 2,5% of Sulsenum; the paste containing 2,5% of Sulsenum mixed with a special foam-forming basis. Storage: in the close packing protecting from light.

See also Antiseptic agents .

L. M. Polukhina.