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SULPHONES AROMATIC — the aromatic compounds containing sulfonate group (SO 2 ), connected with two aromatic remains; treat the chemotherapeutic means having antibacterial properties.

Page and. are the symmetric connections containing not replaced or replaced amino groups in para-situation to SO group 2  :

The simplest connection of this row in the chemical relation is diafenilsulfon (see), at to-rogo an amino group are not replaced. Other drugs from number C. and. differ on character of the radicals replacing hydrogen atoms in amino groups. So, hydrogen atoms in S.'s amino groups and. can be replaced by alkyl radicals, napr, at Solusulfonum (see); aliphatic aromatic, e.g. at sulfoooze; atsetilnsh, napr, at Sulfodiaminum, etc. By turning into sulphamide derivative drug Diuciphonum is received, and at transfer in azomethine derivative by condensation with aldehyde — Sulfoninum.

Drugs from group C. and. are most effective concerning mycobacteria leprosies (see), and nek-ry of them are active also concerning mycobacteria tuberculosis (see).

Mechanism of antibacterial action of S. and. it is studied insufficiently. Consider that on the mechanism of action of S. and. are similar with sulfanamide drugs (see). At the same time it is established that mycobacteria of a leprosy contain enzyme to a fenoloksidaz, and S. and. are strong inhibitors of this enzyme.

Almost important drugs from number C. and. are diafenil-sulphone, atsedapson, Solusulfonum, Diuciphonum and Sulfoninum, to-rye use hl. obr. as antileprotic means (see).

Page and. are well soaked up from went. - kish. a path, are rather evenly distributed in fabrics and are removed with urine in the form of metabolites. Possess mestnoanesteziruyushchy action. Are available given about the oppressing S.'s influence and. from went for absorption of iron and vitamins. - kish. path.

At S.'s use and. the following by-effects are possible: dizziness, a headache, the general weakness, dispeptic frustration, pains in heart. S. is rather frequent and. cause anemia, urtikarny rash, a skin itch and cyanosis, to-ry develops owing to formation of a methemoglobin.

Page and. are contraindicated at resistant and heavy abnormal liver functions and kidneys, diseases of bodies of a hemopoiesis, dekompensiro-bathing heart diseases, acute diseases went. - kish. path, organic diseases of c. N of page.

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N. Yu. Moskalenko.