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SULKOVICH TEST (H. W. Sulkowitch, sort. in 1906, an amer. the urologist) — an approximate method of definition of calcium in urine; belongs to screening tests for detection of the hereditary or acquired defects of a metabolism at children. Test is offered by Sulkovich (Sulkovich) in 1937.

Principle of test: ions of Ca 2+ with oxalic to - that form an insoluble residue, at loss to-rogo solution grows turbid. Extent of opacification of solution is proportional to concentration of calcium.

Sulkovich's reactant: 2,5 g oxalic to - you, 2,5 g of ammonium oxalate and 5 ml ice acetic to - you dissolve in 50 ml of a distilled water, bring the volume of solution a distilled water to 150 ml.

The course of definition

To 5 ml of a reactant of Sulkovich in a pilot test tube is added by 5 ml of the urine collected in the morning on an empty stomach. Urine shall have acid reaction or it it is necessary to acidify 50% acetic to - that. The test tube is overturned and stirred up within several seconds: in 1 — 2 min. milky-white opacification appears. Extent of opacification is estimated visually, on a scale: from 0 (lack of opacification) to 4 (sharply expressed opacification). As control serves the test tube with the filtered studied urine. Opacification 3 and 4 degrees can testify to the increased content of calcium in urine and respectively in blood.

Villages of the item use in pediatrics for control of the content of calcium in urine at reception by children of vitamin D (see. Calciferols ) with the preventive purpose and at treatment rickets (see), especially at hypersensitivity to vitamin D and at use of high doses of polyneuramin a case of D-resistant rickets.

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