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SULFAZINUM (Sulfazinum; synonym: Debenal, Pyrimal, Sulfadiazin, Sulfapyrimidin etc.) — chemotherapeutic means from group of sulfanamide drugs. 2 (n-Aminobenzolsulfamido) - a pyrimidine; With 10 H 10 N 4 SO 2  :

Inodorous crystal powder, white or white with yellowish shade, and taste, is almost water-insoluble, a little alcohol-soluble, we will well dissolve in mineral to-takh and solutions of alkalis.

On a range of antimicrobic activity and the mechanism of action corresponds to others to sulfanamide drugs (see). Is sulfanamide drug of average duration of action. At intake of S. it is quickly soaked up from a small bowel in blood; easily gets through various gistogematichesky barriers, including through hematoencephalic and placental. It is a little acetylated in a liver, removed generally by kidneys. At the same time to 50 — 70% of S. it reabsorbirutsya in distal departments of renal tubules.

Page. apply at bacterial upper respiratory tract infections, zhelche-and urinary tract, infections of an ear, throat, nose, erysipelatous inflammation, pustulous diseases of skin. By efficiency at these diseases it is close to to Sulfadimezinum (see) and to Etazolum (see), but it is better transferred. In combination with Chloridinum (see) S. apply also to treatment of drug resistant forms of malaria and a toxoplasmosis.

Drug appoint inside. At severe forms of bacterial infections in the first day give a shock dose of drug, edges for adults are made by 2 — 4 g on reception, then on 1 g each 4 hours within 1 — 2 days. In the next days patients accept 1 g of drug every 6 — 8 hour. At treatment of easy and medium-weight forms of bacterial infections of S. appoint in the first day 2 g to reception in the morning and in the evening, in the next days — on 1 g twice a day. To S. children appoint at the rate of 0,1 g/kg to the first reception, then on 0,025 g/kg in each 4 — 6 hours

of S. causes same side effects also has the same contraindications to use, as well as other sulfanamide drugs.

Forms of release: powder and tablets on 0,5 g. Store in the dry, protected from light place.

Bibliography: Padeysky E. N and Polukhina L. M. New sulfanamide drugs of long action for treatment of infectious diseases, M., 1974.

L. D. Shipilova.