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SULFANILIC ACID (n-aminobenzolsulfo acid) — sulfonic acid of arylamines; sulphamid (streptocide, or sulphamide) is an ancestor of group of the substances possessing active antimicrobic action and which are widely applied in medicine. Page to. is of also great importance as an intermediate product in synthesis of pharmaceuticals and dyes. Derivative S. to. and urea (see) — sulfanylurea (see) is mother compound for synthesis gipoglikemiziruyushchy means (see), Butamidum, bukarban, Cyclamidum, etc.; its monohydrate under the name «Urosulfanum» is applied at treatment of inflammatory diseases of a bladder and uric ways.

Page to. represents colourless crystals, t of decomposition 280 — 300 °. Pier. weight (weight) 173,18; water solubility at 20 ° 1 g / 100 ml. Sulphanilic to - that has a structure of internal salt:

H 3 N + - With 6 H 4 - SO 3 - .

Page to. receive during the heating aniline (see) with the concentrated chamois to - that at 200 °.

See also Sulfanamide drugs .

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