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SULFADIMEZINUM (Sulfadimezinum; synonym: Sulfadimidine, Sulmet, Sulphadimethylpyrimidine etc.; GFH, joint venture. B) — chemotherapeutic means from group of sulfanamide drugs. 2 (n-Aminobenzolsulfamido) - 4,6 dimethylpyrimidine; With 12 H 14 N 4 O 2 S:

White or slightly yellowish powder. Practically we will not dissolve in water, ether and chloroform, we will easily dissolve in divorced mineral to-takh and alkalis; t ° pl 197 — 200 °, pier. weight (weight) 278,33. On a range of antimicrobic activity and the mechanism of action it is similar to others to sulfanamide drugs (see). Is sulfanamide drug of short action. It is quickly soaked up from went. - kish. path. After a single dose inside collects in blood in the maximum concentration in 4 hours. In a blood plasma to 38%preparata is in an acetylized form; apprx. 80% of free S. contacts proteins. The hl is rather slowly removed with urine (from 70 to 99% of the accepted dose). obr. in the form of acetylized metabolites.

Apply at acute respiratory diseases of a bacterial etiology, pharyngitises, tonsillitis, bronchitis, infections of biliary and urinary tract, gonorrhea, etc. Appoint the adult to the first reception 2 g, then on 1 g in each 4 — 6 hours, further would accept 1 g through — 8 hours; at staphylococcal infections — on the first reception of 3 — 4 g, then on 1 g 4 times a day.

The page can be applied to treatment of bacterial dysentery and coloenterites, however by efficiency at these diseases it concedes to Ftalazolum and other sulfanamide drugs which are badly soaking up from intestines. Together with Chloridinum (see) S. use at treatment of a toxoplasmosis.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time — 2 g, daily — 7 g. To S. children appoint at the rate of 0,1 g/kg to the first reception, then on 0,025 g/kg each 4 — 6 — 8 hours

of S. can cause same side effects, as well as other sulfanamide drugs (allergic reactions, dispeptic frustration, neuritis, leukopenia, etc.). For the prevention of the caused S. a crystal of an uriya appoint plentiful alkaline drink.

Form of release: powder; tablets on 0,25 and 0,5 g. Store in well corked container protecting from effect of light

T. N. Sizova.