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SULFADIMETHOXINE (Sultadimethoxinum; synonym: Deposui, Madribon, Madroxine, Sulfadimethoxine, Supersulfa etc.; GFH, joint venture. B) — chemotherapeutic means from group of sulfanamide drugs. 4 (n-Aminobenzolsulfamido) - 2,6-dimetoksipirimidin; With 12 H 14 N 4 O 4  :

Inodorous crystal powder, white or white with creamy shade. It is water-insoluble, a little alcohol-soluble, we will easily dissolve in diluted salt to - those and in solutions of caustic alkalis.

On a range and the mechanism of antimicrobic action it is similar to others to sulfanamide drugs (see). On duration of effect treats sulfanamide drugs of long action. The page is rather slowly soaked up from went. - kish. a path and after intake in the maximum concentration collects in blood in 8 — 12 hour. Substantially (to 90 — 98%) contacts proteins of plasma. Collects in bile, well gets into a pleural cavity, it is rather bad — through a blood-brain barrier. The elimination half-life makes apprx. 41 hour. It is removed by kidneys preferential in the form of a glucuronide (75 — 90%), partially — in not changed look (7 — 25%) and in the form of acetyl derivative (6 — 30%). Good solubility of a glucuronide in acid medium practically excludes a possibility of development of a crystalluria. To 93 — 98% of the entered dose it reabsorbirutsya in renal tubules.

Apply for treatment of bacterial infections of a nasopharynx, upper respiratory tracts, zhelche-and urinary tract, at dysentery, a gastroenteritis, an erysipelatous inflammation, pyodermas, and also for treatment of trachoma in addition to local therapy by soluble streptocides, napr, sulfa-tsil-sodium, etc. Due to the low-permeability through a blood-brain barrier at purulent meningitis of S. it is a little effective.

Appoint inside. The daily dose is given in one step. At easy forms of a disease of the adult in the first day appoint 1 g, in the next days — on 0,5 g; at medium-weight forms in the first day — 2 g, in the next days — on 1 g. To S. children appoint at the rate of 25 mg/kg in the first day and 12,5 mg/kg in the next days.

Like other streptocides in quality side effects can cause allergic reactions, dispeptic frustration, neuritis, a leukopenia, etc.

Forms of release: powder; tablets on 0,2 and 0,5 g. Store in the place protected from light.

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L. D. Shipilova.