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SUKHUMI GROUP OF RESORTS — the climatic seaside and balneological resorts of the Abkhaz ASSR on the southeast coast of the Black Sea. In structure This year to. the city of Sukhumi, the resorts of Gumista and Besleti which are directly adjoining Sukhumi and also Agudzera, Gulripsha enter (in 9 km to Yu. from Sukhumi) and Esheri (in 10 km to S.-Z. from Sukhumi).

The resort town of Sukhumi, the capital of the Abkhaz ASSR, is located in the depth of the extensive bay protected from cold having sat down. - zap. and zap. winds the mountains covered with magnificent vegetation. Sukhumi is the city park, its special sight is the Sukhumi botanic garden, the most rare representatives of subtropical flora enter a collection to-rogo. On the Sukhumi mountain the pantheon of public figures and writers of Abkhazia is located. In the city there is Ying t of experimental pathology and therapy of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences with widely known apery.

Emergence of the resort in Sukhumi belongs to the end of 19 century when S. P. B oshkin, N. P. Gongdobing, L. JI. Levshin, A. A. Ostroumov, F. I. Pasternatsky began to direct for climatic treatment of patients with diseases of lungs here. In 1897. The international congress of doctors which took place in Moscow recognized Sukhumi as one of the best climatic areas for treatment of persons with diseases of lungs. In 1902 near Sukhumi construction of the first sanatorium for TB patients was begun.

The main to lay down. factors This year to. are climate (see. Climatotherapy ), sea bathings (see. Thalassotherapy ) and mineral waters (see).

Climate This year to. sea, moderately wet, subtropical with hot summer (average monthly temperature of July 23,8 °) and in the soft winter (average monthly temperature of January 6 °). The summer heat is softened with sea breezes, in the winter winds have monsoonal character. The number of hours of sunshine in a year makes 2000 — 2200, the annual average amount of precipitation is equal to 1460 mm, their greatest number drops out in October. The abundance of rainfall is explained by features of a land relief: the massif which is close rising to the sea detains on the limited land area a humid maritime air. Most often rains happen in evening and night time and have character of quickly passing heavy rains. Annual average relative humidity of air reaches 70%, the highest relative humidity is noted in the summer. Water temperature in the Sukhumi gulf letokhm reaches 27 — 29 °, the season of sea bathings proceeds from May to November. The beach is flat, sand-gravel. A large number of clear sunny days in a year, lack of sharp differences of daily temperature and sharp fluctuations of other meteorological indicators, including atmospheric pressure as within a day, and during the change of seasons of year gives the chance to carry out in This year to. climatotherapy all the year round.

A microclimate of a number of the resorts entering in This year to., has the nek-ry features depending on a land relief. So, in Gulripshi located at the height of 120 m above sea-level and remote from the sea on 3 km note stronger winds, as well as in Agudzere and Esheri located terrasoobrazno. In the valley of river of Besleti more expressed air circulation lengthways on the gorge is registered.

Gumista Rest house.

In 1955 near the river of Besleti the mineral waters of various chemical structure used for outside balneoprotsedur were brought to a surface. One of them thermal (with a temperature up to 42 °) nitric sulfate-chloride sodium calcic with a mineralization of 1,7 g/l, another — thermal (with a temperature up to 38 °) slabosulfidny chloride sodium, containing methane (see), has a mineralization to 30 g/l.

Gulripsha. Sanatorium of V. I. Lenin.

On the basis of the Sukhumi (besletsky) waters the balneolechebnitsa equipped functions bathtubs (see), souls (see. Shower ), offices for irrigations and inhalations (see. Inhalation ). In This year to. there are many sanatoria and rest houses, the resort policlinic equipped with necessary medical and diagnostic offices functions, the beach is equipped with constructions for carrying out a climatotherapy. The largest rest houses with departments for parents with children are Agudzera and Gumista. In Gul-ripshi one of the largest on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus sanatorium of V. I. Lenin for treatment of TB patients is located, on the basis of this sanatorium the Center of pulmonary surgery of the Abkhaz ASSR is created. In Sukhumi the branch of scientific research institute of balneology and physical therapy of M3 of the Georgian SSR which is scientific metodiche-skim the center for studying and use local natural functions to lay down. factors for all to lay down. - the prof. of institutions This year to. The city of Sukhumi — one of the important centers of tourism on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, in the city and its vicinities the set of tourist bases is located.

Indications to treatment in resorts of the Sukhumi group: diseases of a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, disease of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency of the I and I—II degree, an endarteritis, not severe forms of disbolism, diseases of a peripheral nervous system, functional disturbances of a nervous system, a disease of a musculoskeletal system, a disease of skin and female generative organs. Indications for treatment of TB patients in sanatorium of V. I. Lenin in Gulrip-shi: the subcompensated and compensated open forms of a pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis of kidneys and urinogenital bodies.

Contraindications — see. Balneoterapiya , Thalassotherapy .

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V. V. Poltoranov.