SUKHANOV Sergey Alekseevich

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SUKHANOV Sergey Alekseevich (1867 — 1915) — the domestic psychiatrist, S. S. Korsakov's pupil.

SUKHANOV Sergey Alekseevich

In 1891 ended Moscow un-t. Since 1892 worked in the Moscow psychiatric clinic as the intern, the supernumerary and regular assistant. Since 1899 the privatdozent Moscow un-that. Since 1908 the senior doctor of hospital «All grieving» in St. Petersburg and the privatdozent St. Petersburg un-that. S. A. Sukhanov published 223 scientific works. Its early studies concerned studying of a structure of dendrites and were generalized by it in the thesis on degree of the doctor of medicine (1899). In this work he for the first time in the world literature suggested that side shoots of dendrites serve for formation of contacts between neurons and are their characteristic signs. The subsequent researches of S. A. Sukhanov concerned the most various aspects of the general, private and boundary psychiatry, and also problems of nosological classification of mental diseases. He was one of the first and most consecutive supporters of the nosological direction E. Krepelina in Russia. Developing the concept of endogenous psychoses, it showed value in formation of features their wedge, pictures constitutional, age, sexual and other factors. To them it was shown that along with cases of the early weak-mindedness which is shown in the form of psychoses exist also such where the disease is exhausted only by the progressing personal changes and decrease in working capacity. S. A. Sukhanov the first in domestic psychiatry described manifestations of a cyclotymia and carried this disease to the softened forms maniac-depressive psychosis (see). Together with P. B. Gannushkin he was a founder of the doctrine about pathological characters (see. Psychopathies ). It possesses the descriptions which became classical hysterical and psychasthenic (alarming and hypochondriac, on S. A. Sukhanov's terminology) characters. He was one of creators and authors of «Magazine of neuropathology and psychiatry of S. S. Korsakov», and also magazines «Modern Psychiatry», «Psychiatric Newspaper», systematically reviewed the Russian works on neuropathology and psychiatry in the French magazines, than promoted acquaintance of the French doctors to the Russian science.

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