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SUITCASES Mikhail Mikhaylovich (1856 — 1908) is a domestic dentist, the famous artist — the author of political caricatures.

Ended in 1882 medical f-t Moscow un-that, worked as the territorial doctor in the village Ver-hoshizhemy of the Vyatka province.

In 1888 it was invited

by N. V. Sklifosovsky to a position of the intern of faculty surgical clinic medical f-that Moscow un-that. Since 1892 on the advice of N. V. Sklifo-sovsky began to go in for stomatology. Working in clinic, at the same time taught at dental surgery schools and on the High dental surgery courses.

Belongs to M. M. Chemodanov several works devoted to treatment of diseases of teeth. It developed a technique and indications to use of an amputating method of treatment of a pulpitis. He studied questions of treatment of diseases of milk teeth and periodontitis. Based on extensive clinical material and careful observations of work of M. M. Chemodanov did not lose value and in a crust, time. Being one of pioneers of scientific stomatology in Russia, he aimed to lift authority of this field of medicine, speaking at Pirogovsky congresses, on the international medical congresses. M. M. Chemodanov was one of initiators of the organization Moscow odontologichesky about-va, within several years edited the Odontologichesky Review magazine. The gifted artist, it illustrated N. V. Sklifosovsky's lectures, textbooks of anatomy of D. N. Zernov and

V. F. Snegirev's gynecology, and also the publications.

M. M. Chemodanov is the author of widely known acute political caricatures directed against autocracy. In 1905 M. M. Chemodanov approached Bolsheviks and created a series of the revolutionary caricatures which are released in the form of cards. The means received from their distribution were transferred to the Moscow committee of Bolsheviks and to illegal committee of the Red Cross for the help to wounded revolutionaries. In 1907 M. M. Chemodanov was arrested on a charge of assistance to an armed revolt and imprisoned in the solitary confinement of Butyrsky prison. The majestic government did not forgive his M. M. Chemodanova to «harmful activity», especially caricatures of Nicholas II. In prison he was seriously ill. Due to the disease according to the petition of relatives M. M. Chemodanov was released on bails and soon died.

M. M. Chemodanov was not party member, it had no issued socialist views, but his sympathy completely and unconditionally remained on the party of workers of masses and their revolutionary aspirations.

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