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SUDORIFIC TREATMENT — a number of receptions, with the help to-rykh it is possible to achieve the strengthened sweating and according to fall of temperature of a body in the therapeutic purposes at various states, especially feverish.

This treatment as an independent look, quite eurysynusic in the past, gradually loses the value; in modern a wedge, practice the term «sudorific treatment» is not used. However the sudorific effect of nek-ry pharmaceuticals is an important component of their action (see. Antipyretics ). Strengthening sweating (see) it can be reached by various influences (pharmacological means, use of physical means). Sudorific effect some give a gigabyte. procedures (see. Baths ).

From the medicinal substances causing sweating antipyretics are most spread. The salicylates and some means of a plant origin applied in the form of so-called sudorific tea concern to them generally (inflorescences of a linden, berry of raspberry, leaves of coltsfoot, etc.). It should be noted that strengthening of sweating caused pharmakol, means, is not the isolated effect. These substances possess a broad spectrum of activity and influence the general condition of an organism and function of various systems. Sweating is preceded by expansion of blood vessels, decrease in excitability of the centers of thermoregulation. Antipyretics, causing sweating, increase thermolysis (see) also reduce thus body temperature at acute feverish states. Similar influence is not always justified since the hyperthermia is one of early responses of an organism to a disease and has protective character. Salicylates reduce body temperature, without removing the cause which caused it. However, as temperature reaction quite often happens excessive and hardly transferable, in particular for the blood circulatory system, they can be applied, especially if bad portability of high fever, but, as a rule, only short time takes place (see. Acetylsalicylic acid ). The mechanism of effect of sudorific drugs of a plant origin is completely not opened. It is assumed that their impacts on processes of thermal control are the cornerstone not so much straight lines pharmakol, effects how many reflex influences, coming from various departments went. - kish. path. A certain value has at the same time and intake of a large amount of hot liquid. Faces at standard temperature P. have a l. it is more often carried out by hydrotherapeutic thermal procedures (local and the general), sukhovozdushny influences (the Finnish bath sauna), dry wrapping etc. Strengthening of sweating which is the cornerstone of action of these procedures is connected with fervescence as a result of strengthening of heat generation and restriction of a direct thermolysis. Sudorific effects of a bath should be considered as the tempering preventive procedure with possible versatile influence on functions of various systems, apart from their P. of l.

Sudorific procedures which used for increase in removal from then toxic products at various patol, states earlier (poisonings, pathology of exchange processes, dysfunction of secretory system) lost the value in connection with introduction in to lay down. to the practician of different types dialysis (see), an artificial diuresis (see. Diuretics ), hemosorptions (see), limfosorbtion (see) and other forms of a detoxication. Item of l. can be followed by undesirable or side effects at a number of patients (seriously ill patients, people of advanced age, pregnant women). The forced P.'s use l. demands carrying out correction of the vodnoelektrolitny disturbances caused by the strengthened sweating.

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