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SUCTION — physiological acceptance report of milk baby.

The page plays a very important role in digestion, influences secretory and motor functions of bodies went. - kish. path, metabolism, etc. The Page

is the cornerstone inborn difficult food instinctive reflex (see), the regulating center to-rogo is in a trunk part of a brain. Soon after the birth there is a complication nervous regulyatsy S. to the subsequent bystry formation of conditioned connections. With age and development of century of N of function C. gradually dies away, is especially noticeable on the 2nd year of life. Laying of the nervous structures providing S. occurs at early stages of an embryogenesis. According to P. K. Anokhin, E. L. Golubeva, etc., at a 18 weeks fruit at irritation of language observes the sucking movements of lips, on 21 — the 22nd week — spontaneous S., on the 24th week — clear iskatelny and sucking reactions, and by the time of the birth development of structures for full-fledged Page completely comes to an end. Function C. is expressed also at an anencephalia.

At S. not only lips, but also Pfaundler's rollers — Lushki and Roben's folds — Mazhito, and fatty lumps of Bish participate in embracing and compression of a papilla of the breast (see. Newborn ) facilitate Page. The anatomic educations participating in S. are innervated front, hypoglossal and trigeminal by nerves. At compression of a papilla of the breast and peripapillary circle there is a relaxation of sphincters of milk channels, lengthening and flattening of a nipple. The subsequent movements of language and a mandible create negative pressure in an oral cavity, and milk comes to it, a cut the child after several sucking movements swallows.

Activity and S.'s intensity reflect the general condition and development of the child. The healthy well developed full-term child immediately after the birth is capable to suck vigorously. Premature children (see) suck usually poorly and a long time cannot suck away milk from a mammary gland. S.'s force at the healthy full-term newborns on 2 — the 3rd day of life according to vakuummetrichesky measurements in 4 — 5 times more, than at premature children. To Z — to the 4th day the full-term child at S. of the rubber pacifier connected to the vacuum gage is capable to create the negative pressure of 200 — 250 mm of mercury. (the adult — no more than 400 mm of mercury.). Parallelism of development of force of S. in newborns and their vascular tone determined by indicators of the ABP that confirms existence at newborns of integration of the main vegetative functions is noted.

S.'s force sharply weakens at the general diseases; sick children often refuse a breast, and cannot sometimes suck even through a pacifier. At the general excitement and it is especially frequent at children with patol. processes in a brain (at an intracranial injury, inflammatory processes, tumors, anomalies of development, etc.) observe spontaneous Page.

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