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SUBSTANTIVE COLOURING (Latin substantivus independent, essential) — one of methods of coloring, at Krom process an object (microscopic section, a smear, etc.) solution of dye without preliminary special processing (pickle).

Villages of the lake widely apply at histologic and histochemical researches, in hematologic practice.

At use of dyes with different properties, napr, the main and acid (see. Dyes ), islands call S. combined. Depending on number of dyes the combined S. the island is double, triple or multiple. On a route of administration distinguish progressive S. of the lake when an object is painted to desirable degree at once, and regressive — at first recolour an object, and then delete excess of paint by washing in the corresponding liquid (a differentiation of coloring). The choice of a way C. of the lake depends on a research objective, properties of dye and features of a body of interest.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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Ya. E. Hesinonim