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SUBECHOLINUM (Subecholinum) — N cholinomimetic. beta Dimethylaminoethyl ether pith to - you are dimethoiodide; With 18 H 38 N 2 O 4 - 2J - .

According to experimental data, S. reflex stimulates breath due to excitement N-care-noretseptorov a sinocarotid zone. Besides, causes tachycardia and increase in the ABP of hl. obr. owing to excitement of N-holinoretseptorov of chromaffin tissue of adrenal glands and allocation from them in blood of adrenaline. In high doses can cause depolyarizatsionny neuromuscular block due to excitement (depolarization) of N-holinoretseptorov of skeletal muscles. A direct impact on c. the N of page C. does not render since in the chemical relation the encore - quaternary ammonium compound is and in this regard does not get through a blood-brain barrier.

To page it was offered for use in medical practice as a stimulator of breath of reflex type of action.

It is excluded from the State register of pharmaceuticals.

V. K. Muratov.