SUBBOTIN Victor Andreevich

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SUBBOTIN Victor Andreevich (1844 — 1898) — the domestic hygienist, professor.

SUBBOTIN Victor Andreevich

In 1867 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that. In 1869 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Materials for Physiology of Fatty Tissue». Trained abroad for preparation for a professorial rank on department of hygiene. In 1871 organized and headed one of the first domestic hygienic departments (the first department of hygiene in Ukraine), on a cut worked till 1892 when retired. V. A. Subbotin's works promoted formation of experimental hygiene in Russia and to teaching it as independent subject matter. He published in 1882 the manual for students «A short course of hygiene», and then three releases of the «Notes on hygiene» which became the first grant to a practical course of hygiene. It conducted researches on physiology of work, sanitary protection of reservoirs from pollution by drain waters and a cycle of works on hygiene of BC. Pedagogical and scientific activity of V. A. Subbotin successfully combined with public, was the chairman of the commission which developed the project of the organization of sanitary inspection in Kiev, formulated a task of precautionary sanitary inspection new for those times, Ob-va of protection of national health and took active part in activity in the popular scientific magazine «Zdorovye» founded by A. P. Dobroslavin.

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