SUBBOTIN Maxim Semenovich

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SUBBOTIN Maxim Semenovich (1848 — 1913) — the domestic surgeon, professor (1884).

SUBBOTIN Maxim Semenovich

In 1873 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. Participant of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877 — 1878. In 1878 protected dokt. the thesis on «To a Question of Development of Enchondromas in Bones». Since 1884 the department chair of surgery Kharkiv un-that; since 1889 within 16 years directed department of surgical pathology and therapy of VMA.

M. S. Subbotin was one of active propagandists of implementation of an aseptic method in Russia. He developed an operational method of creation of an artificial bladder and urethra from anteroinferior department of a rectum (operation bears a name of Subbotin); invented a drainage suction for aspiration of pus from wounds and cavities, the idea to-rogo later received the embodiment in devices A. Bira and G. Pertes; developed an original technique of a thoracoplasty at treatment of chronic empyemas of a pleura. Author of the famous textbooks and guides to the general surgery. Among his pupils there is H. N. Petrov and S. S. Girgolav.

Works: To a question of development of enchondromas in bones, a yew., SPb., 1878; General surgical pathology and therapy, Kharkiv, 1887; The Management to the general surgery, century 1 — 3, SPb., 1902 — 1906; Damages in general, SPb., 1909; Crevices of a bladder, SPb., 1911.

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R. S. Simovsky-Veytkov.