styrene, professional harm

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STYRENE — aromatic hydrocarbon. A colorless liquid with a characteristic smell. In small amounts contains in pyrolysis products of oil and coke-oven coal tar. We will dissolve in water a little, we will well dissolve in acetone, ether, chloroform. It will easily be polymerized during the heating, on light, and also easily is oxidized with education of the benzoic to - you.

The page is widely applied to receiving polystyrene, fibreglasses, synthetic rubber, polyester resinss, varnishes, paints, glues, and also to synthesis of medicines.

By S.'s production in air of a working zone styrene, ethyl benzene are emitted, and at S.'s use, except styrene — the substances entering a compounding of the received polymer or copolymer — methylmethacrylate, acrylonitrile, alphamethylstyrene, butadiene, and also products of destruction of polymers — carbon monoxide (see), nonlimiting hydrocarbons (see), benzaldehyde (see), etc.

Generally comes to S.'s organism through respiratory tracts, but at direct contact with liquid S. its penetration through integuments is possible. During the work in the atmosphere contaminated by S., its accumulation in an organism happens during the first hours works. After the termination of contact with S. its concentration in blood quickly goes down.

The village has narcotic and irritant action, expressiveness to-rogo depends on the operating concentration (maximum allowable concentration of 5 mg/m3). Acute intoxication of S. is followed by the expressed irritation of mucous membranes of eyes, a nose, throat, complaints to fatigue, pains in epigastric area; changes in blood are noted, disorders of function went. - kish. a path, and toxic develops further hepatitis (see). At hron. intoxications are observed the dispeptic phenomena, dyskinesia went. - kish. path, toxic damage of a liver, change in blood (leukopenia, anemia), functional frustration of c. N of page. At working with S. even at small length of service complaints to dryness and the unpleasant feelings in a throat which are objectively defined as subatrophic and atrophic damages of a mucous membrane of upper respiratory tracts are constant. During the long work in the productions using S. at women disturbances of an ovarian and menstrual cycle are sometimes observed. The page easily gets through a placental barrier that can cause disturbance of a course of pregnancy and childbirth. During the work with liquid S. at working are noted a xeroderma, dermatitis (see).

Examination of working capacity — see. Examination .

Acute management and treatment

At acute poisonings — fresh air, oxygen, Carbogenum; cordial and calmatives (bromides, valerian). Urgent hospitalization. Treatment of chronic intoxications symptomatic.


Automation of technological processes, sealing of the equipment, restriction or elimination of manual selection of technological tests, manual cleaning of the equipment (polymerization reactors, etc.). Are necessary constant control behind effective work local exhaust ventilation (see) for removal of S. which is allocated both from the equipment and from the materials impregnated with polyester resinss on the basis of S.; whenever possible S.'s replacement with less toxic connections, change of technology of receiving products. The persons working with S. are subject to preliminary and periodic medical surveys. Women during pregnancy are transferred to easy works out of contact with S. and other harmful substances.

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N. S. Zlobina