STUKOVENKOV Mikhail Ivanovich

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STUKOVENKOV Mikhail Ivanovich (1842 — 1897) — the domestic dermatovenerologist, S. P. Botkin and A. G. Polotebnov's pupil.

STUKOVENKOV Mikhail Ivanovich

After the termination in 1866. The St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy worked as the doctor in Military-medical department.

Since 1869 the assistant to «sypny» department of clinical hospital, and after protection of the thesis executed under the leadership of S. P. Botkin is appointed to degree of the doctor of medicine the assistant to department of dermatology of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. In 1879 conducted a course of dermatology on Female medical courses and at the same time worked as the dermatologist of the Maksimilia-novsky clinic. Since 1883 the associate professor, and then professor, the department chair of dermatology and syphilitic diseases medical f-that Kiev un-that. During the Russian-Turkish war of 1877 — 1878 Ob-va was authorized the Red Cross in field army. After capture of Plevna managed a sanitary part of the city, provided the structure of hospitals in Plevna for the Turkish prisoners of war, was a medical officer in Burgas.

M. I. Stukovenkov, developing views And. G. Polotebnova and S. P. Botkin, implemented them in a dermatovenereology. It for the first time in domestic literature described a leaflike pemphigus, fungoid mycosis, Kaposha's sarcoma, etc. M. I. Stukovenkov was engaged in development of chronically alternating method of treatment of syphilis. The original, exact and convenient way of determination of content of mercury in blood, sweat and urine is offered them that allowed to prove scientifically dosages of mercury drugs at treatment of syphilis. A number of works of M. I. Stuko-venkov is devoted to the organization of fight against venereal diseases. M. I. Stukovenkov was a founder of the Kiev school of dermatovenerologists, the first chairman Medicophysical about-va at Kiev un-those (1897), the full member Ob-va of protection of national health.

Works: About temperature effect of the liquid entered into an organism in the form of food or drink on quantity and quantitative composition of milk, a yew., SPb., 1871; About spread of syphilis and measures for fight against it, Kiev, 1883; French and Vienna dermatological schools and problems of modern dermatology, SPb., 1883; The Way to explanation of rationales to therapies of syphilis mercury, Works of the Second congress of Russian doctors in Moscow, t. 2, page 3, M., 1887; Mycosis fungoides Alibert’a (lymphadenia cutis — granuloma fungoides Auspitz’a), Medical obozr., t. 31, «Ne 4, page 371, 1889; The New simplified way of definition of the minimum quantities of mercury in urine, Works of the 5th congress Ob-va of Russian doctors in St.-Petersburg, t. 2, page 330, 1894.

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