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STUDNICHKA Frantisek (Studnicka Frantisek Karel, 1870 — 1955) — the Czech histologist and the embryologist, the member of Czechoslovak academy of Sciences, the member correspondent. The international academy of history of sciences in Paris.

STUDNIChKA Frantisek

Karlov ended un-t in Prague. Since 1900 the associate professor of histology same un-that, since 1909 professor of zoology and a comparative anatomy of the Czech polytechnic in Brno, since 1919 professor of histology and embryology un-that in Brno, since 1934 the department chair of histology and embryology medical f-that Karlova un-that.

F. K. Studnichka is an author more than 400 scientific works on the general histology, cytology, comparative and microscopical anatomy, embryology, the microscopic equipment, history of biology. He studied optic nerves, a structure of the spinal channel of vertebrata, a hypophysis, an umbilical cord, fine structure of ganglionic cells, an epithelium, cellular connections, etc.

The central place in its scientific works is taken by the theory of an exoplasm created by it, edges are made by a surface layer of a cell and participates in formation of the main substance and intercellular structures in an organism. To them it is written sovm. with J. Wolf the textbook of histology and microscopical anatomy. F. K. Studnichka was an editor of the Biologicki Listy magazine. In 1951 to it the State award ChSSR is awarded.

Works: Die Parietalorgane, Jena, 1905; Organisation der lebendigen Masse, Handb. d. mikr. Anat. d. Menschen, hrsg. v. W. Mollendorf, Bd 1, T. 3, S. 421, B., 1929; Die Substrate der Lebens-Erscheinungen, Prag, 1938; Histologie lidskeho pupecniho provazce, Praha, 1940; L’exoplasma (rapport synthetique), Acta anat., t. 13, p. 403, 1951; Histologie a mikroskopicka anatomie, t. 1 — 2, Praha, 1953 (sovm. with Wolf J.).

Bibliography: Frankenberger Z. Prof. Dr. F. K. Studnicka, Cas. Lek. ces., sv. 89, s. 1332, 1950; S a j n e r J., F. K. Studnicka, Eighty years of a czech histologist, Acta anat., v. 10, p. 464, 1950; Wolf J. Profesor Studnicka osmdesat-nikem, Biol, listy, suppl. 2, 1950.

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