STUDENIKIN Mitrofan Yakovlevich

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STUDENIKIN Mitrofan Yakovlevich (sort. in 1923) — the Soviet pediatrician, the academician of AMH (1975). Participant of the Great Patriotic War (1941 — 1945). The member of the CPSU since 1944.

STUDENIKIN Mitrofan Yakovlevich

In 1952 ended the 2nd MMI. From 1954 to 1960 worked at department of children's diseases of medical faculty of the 2nd MMI. Since 1960 the director Ying-that pediatrics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, since 1970 at the same time directs department of children's diseases medical f-that the 2nd MMI. In 1966 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Features of Diseases of Bilious Ways at Children and Tactics of Their Treatment».

M. Ya. Studenikin is an author more than 200 scientific works devoted to urgent problems of modern pediatrics. It investigated the inborn and acquired damages of heart at children, a wedge, displays of toxoplasmosis and a cytomegaly at newborns and babies.

A considerable part of scientific research of M. Ya. Studenikin is devoted to diseases of a liver and bilious ways. Were studied by it etiol. factors, classification is offered, diagnostic methods are improved, features of a course of diseases of bilious ways at children's age are revealed and the principles of their treatment are proved. M. Ya. Studenikin develops theoretical and practical questions of children's nephrology. Under its management features of functioning of kidneys at children's age are studied, the etiology, a pathogeny, diagnosis and treatment of the acquired diseases of kidneys at children, is offered their classification. Under M. Ya. Studenikin's edition the monograph «Diseases of Kidneys at Children's Age» is published.

M. Ya. Studenikin is the head of programs of scientific cooperation with the scientific USA, Finland, Sweden, GDR, etc. on problems of perinatal pathology, arterial hypertension, chronic diseases of digestive organs at children's age. He is chairman Vsesoyuznogo scientific about-va children's doctors, the editor «Pediatrics» of BME, the associate editor of Pediatriya and Zdorovye magazines, the member of the European association on the higher pediatric education, the president of Society of the USSR — Cyprus, the honorary member of a row foreign medical about - redotdet century.

It is awarded by awards of the October Revolution, Patriotic war of the 2nd degree, the Labour Red Banner, the Red Star, medals.

Works: Features of diseases of bilious ways at children and tactics of their treatment, a yew., M., 1966; Hypertensive and hypotonic states at children and teenagers, M., 1973 (sovm. with Abdullaev A. R.); Ways of development of pediatrics, M., 1974 (sovm. with other); Reference book of the pediatrician, Tashkent, 1975, 1981 (edition); Diseases of kidneys at children's age, M., 1976 (a bus of a number of the Art. and an edition); Urgent problems of a mucoviscidosis, M., 1977 (sovm. with other); Allergic diseases at children, M., 1977 (a bus of a number of hl. and edition); Food of children of early age, JI., 1978 (sovm. with Lada to K. S.); Hemolitic anemias at children, Tashkent, 1979 (sovm. from Evdokimova A. I.); Diseases of children, boundary for an internist and the surgeon, M., 1981 (sovm. with Lenyushkin A. I.); Children's allergology, L., 1981 (sovm. with other).

Bibliography: To the 50 anniversary since the birth of the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences of professor M. Ya. Studenikin, Pediatrics, No. 4, page 83, 1974.

Yu. A. Knyazev.