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STRUEMPELL Adolphus (StrumpeLl Adolf Gustav Gottfried, 1853 — 1925) is the German neuropathologist and the therapist.

In 1875 ended medical f-t Leipzig un-that, worked in city clinic. Since 1883 extraordinary professor of department medical f-that Leipzig un-that, earlier headed by V. Er-b. In 1886 — 1910 worked in Erlangena, Breslau (Wroclaw), Vienna. In 1910 was returned to Leipzig.

The first works of A. Shtryumpell in the field of neuropathology were devoted to studying of physiology of a dream, the pathologist of anatomic changes at spastic rachioplegias, the combined general diseases of a spinal cord, etc. It conducted kliniko-neurologic researches and a number of works about acute encephalitis, multiple sclerosis (see), hepatocerebral dystrophy

(see), the muscular atrophy arising at diseases of joints, hysteria is published. And. Shtryumpell described a chronic hereditary disease of c. N of page with preferential defeat of pyramidal system — the cria-stichesky family paraplegia known also under the name «Shtryumpell's disease» (see the Paraplegia). It described arising at defeats pyramidal and extra-gshramidnoy systems tibialny, pronator, radial and other phenomena (see Shtryumpell phenomena). Connect one of the first descriptions of an ankylosing spondylarthritis with a name of A. Shtryumpell — Shtryumpell's diseases — Bekhtereva — Mari (see Bekhterev a disease), Shtryumpell's encephalitis — L eykhten a gpterna (see Encephalitis).

A. Shtryumpell is the author of the famous, translated to Russian textbook of private pathology and therapy of internal diseases.

Works: Lehrbuch der speziellen Pathologie und Therapie der inneren Krankheiten, Bd 1 — 2, Lpz., 1883 — 1884 (Russian lane, M. — JI., 1927 — 1928); t)ber die acute Enzephalitis der Kinder, Jb. Kinderheilk., Bd 22, S. 173, 1885; t)ber eine bestimmte Form der primaren combinierten Systemer-krankungen des Ruckenmarks, Arch. Psy-chiat. Nervenkr., Bd 17, S. 217, 1886;

t)ber die Westphal’sche Pseudosklerose und iiber diffuse Hirnsklerose, insbesondere bei Kindern, Dtsch. Z. Nervenheilk., Bd 12, S. 115, 1897—1898;

Blutkreislauf und Arteriosklerose, Wien — Lpz., 1914; Leitfa-den fur die Untersuchung und Diagnostik der wichtigsten Nervenkrankheiten, Lpz., 1924 (Russian lane, Berlin, 1925).

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. I. Fischer, Bd 2, S. 1529, B. — Wien, 1933; S t r ii m-p e I 1 A. Aus dem Leben eines deutschen Klinikers, Lpz., 1925.