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STROPHULUS (Strophulus; synonym: chronic children's small tortoiseshell, papular small tortoiseshell at children, prurigo children's, a prurigo the nursery) — the allergic dermatosis which is observed at children's age.

S. preferential children aged from 3 months up to 3 years are ill.

Etiology and pathogeny are not finalized. In S.'s development the main role belongs to allergens of food, the environment (household dust, woolen and synthetic fabrics, toys, fur, down, domestic animals, flowers, etc.), to stings of insects, influence of nek-ry pharmaceuticals (iodine, bromine, quinine, streptocides, antibiotics, pyramidon, analginum, etc.), to toksiko-allergic influences of the postponed infectious diseases, went. - kish. diseases, to the centers of an infection (otitis, tonsillitis, antritis), preventive inoculations, helminthoses, abnormal liver functions and kidneys. The page usually develops against the background of exudative and catarral diathesis (see).

Patogistol. the picture is characterized by an acanthosis (see), intercellular and intracellular hypostasis of an acanthceous layer of epidermis with formation of the small cavities filled with serous exudate, hypostasis of a papillary layer of a derma, perivascular infiltration.

the Lower extremities of the child sore with a strophulus: seropapula on a back surface of shins

At S. on skin, preferential extensor surfaces of extremities, trunks, are more rare than the person, a pilar part of the head blisters appear, in the center to-rykh the seropapula (a papule with a vesicle in the center) to dia is found firm to the touch. 2 — 3 mm (fig). In 6 — 12 hours the blister disappears, there is a seropapula, after a rassasyvaniye the cut temporarily remains a hyperpegmentation. Often in the center of a papule after having combed instead of a vesicle there is a serous and hemorrhagic crust. Also eritemourtikarny and violent forms C are possible. Mucous membranes are not surprised. The disease is characterized by a recurrent current, a severe pristupoobrazny itch, a moderate poly-adenopathy. Patients are irritable, uneasy, whimsical, whining, sleep badly; their anorexia, dispeptic frustration are noted. In blood the eosinophilia, is possible anemia. At S.'s combing impetigo (see) and other types quite often becomes complicated pyodermas (see).

Diagnosis Villages establish a wedge, pictures on the basis. Differential diagnosis is carried out with mange (see), herpetiform dermatitis of Dyuringa (see. Dyuringa disease ), a toxidermia (see), stings of insects, chicken pox (see).

At S. appoint a dietotherapy with an exception of the products causing an aggravation of a dermatosis, antihistaminic drugs (Dimedrol, Pipolphenum, Phencarolum, Suprastinum, Diazolinum, tavegil), drugs of vitamins (And, C, B6, PP, P), Calcii chloridum or a gluconate in age doses, the general UF-radiation (20 — 25 sessions), bathtubs with broths of oak bark, a train, a camomile, a sage; outwardly — the indifferent shaken-up suspensions with addition 2 — 3% of Ichthyolum, Dermatolum.

Forecast at S. favorable.

At S.'s development it is necessary to observe strictly a diet (inadmissibly an overfeeding of the child), to provide hygienic leaving. The pregnant woman and the nursing mother should not abuse a citrus, eggs, fish, a strong beef-infusion broth, salty products.

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F. A. Zverkova.