STROGANOV Vasily Vasilyevich

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STROGANOV Vasily Vasilyevich (1857 — 1938) — the Soviet obstetrician-gynecologist.

STROGANOV Vasily Vasilyevich

In 1882 ended VMA; for 3 years worked as the district doctor in the Nezhinsky County of the Chernihiv province. Since 1885 the assistant Klinicheskogo povivalny in-that in St. Petersburg where worked under the leadership of I. F. Balangding, and then D. O. Ott.

In 1893 protected dokt. the thesis devoted to a bacteriological research of female generative organs and mechanisms of protection of an organism against pathogenic microbes. From 1896 to 1926 professor Povivalno-ginekologichesky in-that (later Leningrad central research obstetric and gynecologic in-t).

V. V. Stroganov is an author apprx. 150 scientific works devoted to various questions of obstetrics: to hysterorrheses, placental presentation, technique of expansion of a neck of uterus, regime of women in childbirth (early rising). Its works concerning various aspects of an eclampsia had the greatest value. The method of treatment of an eclampsia offered and constantly improved by it (a method, or system, Stroganova) received at the beginning of 20 century wide recognition as in our country, abroad. Thanks to this method considerable decrease in maternal and child mortality was reached at eclampsias (see). Big fame was gained by its work «The collection of obstetric tasks», and also works about the most important complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

V. V. Stroganov was the honorary member Moscow, Leningrad and a number of logs, foreign about-in obstetricians-gineko.

Works: The collection of obstetric tasks, M. — JI., 1926; The Most important complications of pregnancy and childbirth, M. — L., 1928; The Advanced preventive method of treatment of an eclampsia, M. — JI., 1928; Old and new in treatment of an eclampsia, Ginek. and akush., No. 1-2, page 1, 1933.

Bibliography: Beloshapko P. A. The prof. V. V. Stroganov (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Akush. and ginek., No. 4, page 119, 1958; Bublichenko JI. I. Vasily Vasilyevich Stroganov, in the same place, No. 1, page 10, 1939; Koltsova A. V. To 45-year anniversary of professor Vasily Vasilyevich Stroganov, the Doctor, gas., No. 5, Art. 385, 1928.

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