STRELIN Gabriel Sergeyevich

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STRELIN Gabriel Sergeyevich (sort. in 1905) — the Soviet embryologist, the histologist and the radiologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1965).

STRELIN Gabriel Sergeyevich

In 1925 graduated from biological department physical and mathematical f-that Crimean un-that, in 1930 — a postgraduate study in Central teach about - and with sledovatelsky X-ray radiological in-those (TsNI RRI) in Leningrad, A. A. Zavarzin's pupil. Worked in TsNIR-RI, Ying-those experimental medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, at department of histology and embryology of VMA. In 1942 — 1978 the manager. laboratory of experimental histology and at the same time (since 1963) the deputy director on scientific work of TsNIRRI and the department chair of histology and embryology of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that (from 1952 to 1960). In 1943 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about the nature of chayldovsky gradients and their value in development of an organism.

G. S. Strelin published St. 130 scientific works, including 2 monographs devoted to the theory axial fiziol. gradients, to questions of regulation of cellular division, problems of radiobiology. He studied a role of regeneration processes in development and elimination of radiation injury; carried out comparison of reactions of various fabrics to radiation; established effect of shielding of a part of marrow at fractional irradiation of an organism; offered a method of radiation therapy of tumors by radiation through metal lattices; showed efficiency of autotransplantation of the unirradiated or low-irradiated marrow at a radial illness.

G. S. Strelin is an associate editor of the Radiobiologiya magazine, the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo about-va radiologists and radiologists, the deputy chairman of the problem commission on radiobiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner.

Works: About the nature of Chayldovsky gradients and their value in dynamics of development of an organism, a yew., L., 1941; To a problem of neurohumoral influences on processes of reproduction of cellular elements, Arkh. annate., gistol. and embriol., t. 36, No. 2, page 3, 1959 (sovm. with Goat V. V.); Autotransplantation of cells of marrow at a radial illness in an experiment, Radiobiology, t. 2, No. 4, page 561, 1962 (sovm. with other); About a possibility of medical use of autotransplantation of marrow at uneven radiation, Probl. gema-tolite. and modulation, blood, t. And, No. 2, page 38, 1966 (sovm. with other); Regeneration and beam damage, in book: Sketches on probl. regenerations, under the editorship of A. N. Krayevsky and L. D. Liozner, page 151, M., 1966; Regeneration processes in development and elimination of beam damage, M., 1978; Effect of shielding of a part of marrow at fractional irradiation of an organism, L., 1978 (edition).

Bibliography: Gabriel Sergeyevich Strelin (To the 60 anniversary since birth and to the 40 anniversary of scientific activity), Arkh. annate., gistol. and embriol., t. 49, No. 12, page 117, 1965, bibliogr.; Klestova O. V. and With t and N-zhevsky T. I. Gabriel Sergeyevich Strelin (To the 75 anniversary since birth), in the same place, t. 79, century 9, page 122, 1980.

V. S. Speransky.