STRASHUN Ilya Davydovich

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STRASHUN Ilya Davydovich (1892 — 1967) — the Soviet historian of medicine, the organizer of health care, sanitary education and medical education, the academician of AMH (1944). The member of the CPSU since 1920.

STRASHUN Ilya Davydovich

Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. During World War I (1914 — 1918) did the doctor military service. After Great October socialist revolution became one of the most active sanitary employees of Red Army. In 1920 headed sanprosvetotdet on the Caucasian front. Since 1923 worked at department of social hygiene medical f-that the 2nd MSU, being the closest employee 3. P. Solovyova. In 1930 gave an associate professor's course of history of medicine. From 1935 to 1948 professor of the 1st MMI, the manager. the USSR's first department of history of medicine in it in-those. In 1930 was the government commissioner of the Soviet pavilion of the International hygienic exhibition in Dresden. He was one of organizers and the first dean of the USSR's first sanitary and hygienic f-that the 1st MMI. From 1934 to 1939 directed the higher and secondary medical education in Narkomzdrava of RSFSR, took part in the organization of new medical in-t, creation of training programs and plans. In 1940 professor of social hygiene of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that, and in days of the Great Patriotic War and the Siege of Leningrad the director in-that. I. D. Strashun — one of creators (till 1948 fulfilled duties of the director) Ying-that the organizations of health care and history of medicine, in Krom worked till 1949.

A large research of I. D. Strashun is the book «Russian Doctor in the War» (1947) written on the basis of numerous archive materials and devoted to dedicated activity of domestic doctors during wars of 18 — 19 centuries. The most considerable work of I. D. Strashun — the fundamental article «Medicine» written for 1 prod. BME. A number of its works is devoted to disclosure of many-sided scientific and public work of the Russian doctors of 18 — 19 centuries; he laid the foundation for studying of history of a nervosism, years worked hard over history of public, in particular territorial, medicine in Russia.

In the first years of the Soviet power Narkomzdrava directed publishing house, and then Gosmedizdat, took part in creation of 1 prod. BME, was an editor of department of history of medicine of the 2nd prod. BME. I. D. Strashun was a founder and the first chairman Vsesoyuznogo, the honorary member Moscow, Kiev and some other istorikomeditsinsky about - century.

Works: Ten years of sanitary education, Gigabyte. and epid., No. 10, page 66, 1927; S. P. Botkin as the public figure and the organizer of health care, Rubbed. arkh., t. 18, No. 6, page 662, 1940; The Main stages of development of institute for half a century, in book: 50 years of the First Leningrad medical institute, under the editorship of N. I. Ozeretsky, page 1, 1947; Health protection of workers in the Soviet Union, M., 1947 (sovm. with Vinogradovy N. A.); The Russian doctor in the war, M., 1947; F. F. Erisman, his life and activity, in book: Erisman F. F. Izbr. works, t. 1, page 7, M., 1959; The Russian public medicine during the period between two revolutions 1907 — 1917, M., 1964; Half a century of territorial medicine (1864 — 1914), in book: Sketches of history russk. societies, medical, under the editorship of P. I. Kalyyu, page 30, M., 1965.

Bibliography: Ilya Davidovich Strashun, To the 70 anniversary since birth and to the 40 anniversary of scientific activity, Owls. zdravookhr., No. 7, page 89, 1962; Lotova E. I. and 3 and - l at d about in with to and y P. E., I. D. Strashun, M., 1979.

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